UniWigs Trendy New Arrival in June, 2017

You are the driving force and inspiration of Trendy wigs. Your vote counts! Write down why you want your favorite wig made and The 3 most creative responses will win total THREE wigs.The deadline of public voting is June 14, 2017.

uniwigs trendy new arrival
uniwigs trendy new arrival
how to join
how to join

See how girls said at present:

“la:My favourite is #2. It reminds me of a mystical moonlit night. It’s the perfect colour, and I tried dying my hair that exact colour but it never came out how I wanted. It’s just exactly the colour I need.”

“#1 is in my favorite color & reminds me of fairies. It’s so pretty!! But it’s in a versatile style, so it could look either sweet or edgy depending on what you want. I’d call it something like Celestial Fae!!”

“hez:#2 this wig will be perfect for a elf look, the wig look magical and i like it a lot!! Is so cute and beautifull, really i hope i could have one in the future”

“number 2!!!! I need that one its like mystic moonlight!!”

“#2 Just like me Uniquniess , Nerve, and Talent. Such a amazing wig”

“#1 is bomb. It’s edgy and stylish and perfect to wear with a (faux) leather jacket”

“:#1 reminds me of Chloe Price (Life Is Strange), a reckless girl living in her own “grunge”-world. Such a perfect ombre, such a wonderful shade of blue. I’d call this wig “A rave warning”. Shaka Brah!”

Don’t wait, just join them, vote a wig you want and decide which one is the new arrival on June, 2017.