Make this Father’s Day the best ever

You may want to know How to Celebrate Father’s Day in this Sunday, so do I, I searched online and got some useful tips to share with you guys here:

  • Wish him a happy father’s day. This may seem obvious, but don’t forget to acknowledge that it is his day. When you see him in the morning give him yell, “Happy Father’s Day, Dad!” in a loud happy voice. Don’t forget to give him a hug.
  • Make a photo slideshow. Make a slideshow with lots of photos of your dad. It can be photos from when he was young, it can include photos of the whole family, photos of just you and him, and even funny photos. Looking at photos together with your dad can be a great way to talk about fun memories together.
  • Talk with your dad. This is a really easy one, but it should not be overlooked. In our daily lives, it can be really easy to miss out on spending quality time together. On Father’s day, make it a point to spend time just talking about things. Tell him about some things going on in school you haven’t told him, tell him about things that are going on in your life.
  • Ask him what he wants to do. You may have a lot of ideas about how to celebrate Father’s day, but it isn’t about you. On Father’s day ask him how he is feeling, and what he feels like doing for the day.

Do you have any other ideas about How to Celebrate Father’s Day in this Sunday? BTW, Happy Father’s day to all of the fathers in the world. Find more tips in