Hair Inspiration from Daenerys Hairstyle – 2017 Halloween Ideas

What’s Daenerys Targaryen hair color?
Everyone named it a different color. Some people see it as a platinum, some people see it as a creamier blonde or snow white wigs. And also, in the book, when you hear about her description, her hair is described as silver, but if you go too silver, it’s aging. It’s quite sensitive to atmosphere, so if in a fire scene, there’s too much smoke or whatever, they just go gray. You just lose them. They become a really dodgy gray like she’s been rolling around in the dirt.

Daenerys Hair Tutorial
Long waves, platinum blond hair and all of the braids. No matter pseudo-cornrow, woven low-pony, waves flow freely under tight twists, simple braids or pulled back rope braids and loose braided, also perfect coils cascading down her back, or an eclectic mix of tiny braids and curls, even two half braids that meet and wrap in the back, every looks are amazing. And you can get every look with Daenerys wigs.

Finding Daenerys Hair
No matter the hair color is, no matter what hairstyle you want, you can find a perfect Daenerys wigs from our Trendy Wigs Collection. It names Becky, it’s really a hot choice for Halloween. The hair color is snowflake platinum, you can named it snow white or platinum blonde. Also it can be restyle as Daenerys hairstyles or any other hot looks you want for 2017 Halloween.

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