Is there no necessary to spend hundreds for a wig?

Girls love UniWgs, not only because we have the most chic hair style and color, but also the high quality! That’s why they would like to spend much more(maybe)( what I said maybe because for a wig you may think that it’s pretty much than others, but after a long time later, you will find that it worthy ) for only a wig in our website.

Nicki Minaj Blonde Ombre Wave Virgin Remy Human Hair Lace Wig
Nicki Minaj Blonde Ombre Wave Virgin Remy Human Hair Lace Wig

Guys you may said that it only takes dozens of dollars for a synthetic one on Amazon or Aliexpress, but for girls who know wigs, who wear wigs in the daily wear or have a really good taste on fashion and wigs, you may know that, there is a big different between comprehensive websites and professional wigs specialists. Simple reason, when people focus on one thing, they will do much better even will be the NO.1 in this field, but if you do more, maybe not everything can be the best, even worse.

purple wigs
purple wigs

UniWigs Celebrity Wigs  is the thing that girls complaint most for the expensive price. It’s really not a shame to be poor, also not your fault if you can’t afford them. But this can’t be the evidence that “they are too expensive”. Everything have reasons, and all of the money are equal with the pay our, the 100% human hair wigs materials, 100% hand-made for 3-4 weeks for each, also we offer custom-made service if you don’t like the color or want a different cap size. Yes, it take time, all of our workers, so many work have to do, design, produce, communication and shipping. You will can’t image how many works have done for only one wig which you thinks is too expensive for hundreds dollars.

uniwigs celebrity wigs
uniwigs celebrity wigs

One more, such a high quality can be used for more than one year if you care accurately, it’s better to buy one high quality than several ones, not to mention it will give you many troubles and bad experiences and feelings. However, there isn’t no ways to solve the money problem. Coupons! Yes, for a celebrity wig, 10% OFF will help you save up to $100 maybe, or if you want to save more, maybe waiting for the big discount on big Festivals: Halloween, Christmas, The New Year

Recommend UniWigs Coupon CodesLeeLee10Kendall10Elena10Angela10

Tips: One order only can use one code.




Industry Standard
Not too thick, not too thin but in a “normal” density
The most popular density option

Look full and voluminous

Extra heavy
Look extra glamorous
Mostly used for theatre, costume wear and shows.

uniwigs topper density 01
uniwigs topper density 01
uniwigs topper density 02
uniwigs topper density 02

Some of the toppers they have the density selections on the website, and some don’t. Don’t worry. Just contact our customer service any time if you would like custom density for any toppers.

Find our toppers which have density selections:


Upgrade Claire Remy Human Hair Topper – 6″×6″


Claire Silk Top Remy Human Hair Topper – 5.5″×5.5″


5.5″*5.5″ Claire Remy Human Hair Topper

When Braids Meet Teal Hair Color

As we all know that green, teal, even orange and yellow are not so hot for hair color, only few girls can handle these colors. What I want to say here is that: is not the color’s wrong, maybe you restyle it not so good. When braids meet teal hair color, Teal can be a hot color too!

Rooted Ash Blonde To Teal
Rooted Ash Blonde To Teal

This wig is as pictured. Its super light weight, feels like real hair and looks real too! I have a ton of wigs and this is the best one I’ve owned. Said alishajaredhairartistry in Aug 23, 2017, who is a regular customer for our trendy wigs. Check how she restyle this Rooted Ash Blonde To Teal wigs:

This is the inspiration of our newest addition to the Trendy Wigs Collection: Pacific Palisades. Purple haze blended with earthy undertones blending seamlessly into primrose yellow and a splash of turquoise… Capture the essence of life in the Palisades. Also get more inspiration for teal hair restyle in braids hairstyles:

Thanks for alishajaredhairartistry‘s pictures, check more braids hairstyles with different colors she share on her Instagram: @alishajaredhairartistry


Hair Inspiration from Daenerys Hairstyle – 2017 Halloween Ideas

What’s Daenerys Targaryen hair color?
Everyone named it a different color. Some people see it as a platinum, some people see it as a creamier blonde or snow white wigs. And also, in the book, when you hear about her description, her hair is described as silver, but if you go too silver, it’s aging. It’s quite sensitive to atmosphere, so if in a fire scene, there’s too much smoke or whatever, they just go gray. You just lose them. They become a really dodgy gray like she’s been rolling around in the dirt.

Daenerys Hair Tutorial
Long waves, platinum blond hair and all of the braids. No matter pseudo-cornrow, woven low-pony, waves flow freely under tight twists, simple braids or pulled back rope braids and loose braided, also perfect coils cascading down her back, or an eclectic mix of tiny braids and curls, even two half braids that meet and wrap in the back, every looks are amazing. And you can get every look with Daenerys wigs.

Finding Daenerys Hair
No matter the hair color is, no matter what hairstyle you want, you can find a perfect Daenerys wigs from our Trendy Wigs Collection. It names Becky, it’s really a hot choice for Halloween. The hair color is snowflake platinum, you can named it snow white or platinum blonde. Also it can be restyle as Daenerys hairstyles or any other hot looks you want for 2017 Halloween.

Thanks for watching! Share this hair with all of your friends in your social media!

Also thanks for Miranda Hedman‘s pictures, you can find more beautiful and amazing Halloween looks on her Instagram named @mirandahedman.

We got 200K on Instagram! 50% OFF for Trendy Wigs!

Finally, we got 200K love and followers on Instagram @UniWigs, thanks you guys for all of the share and discuss with us, thanks you guys for all of the love and long time support, this is really a big update, in order to share our joy and feedback our customers, we special offer one day sale for 50% OFF with code INS50. Up to 50% OFF for trendy wigs and classic wigs, only 4 designer wigs are 30% OFF. So don’t worry, you can save more for most of the trendy wigs.

Instagram 200K followers
Instagram 200K followers

And for classic wigs, all of them are 50% OFF. That’s really a lot, I mean you can really save more this time. But this only last for one day, so if you have some good hair or dreaming wigs that you want, you really should not miss this chance.

trendy wigs
trendy wigs

Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram if you are new in UniWigs, and we will offer a much bigger sale when we got 300K followers and love! Have a nice day!

3 Days 30% OFF for only 30 Lucky Girls

After one day’s vote, finally we get the name “Lilac Mist” for the new arrival trendy wigs, thank you guys for all of your love, we received so many good ideas for the hair name:

uniwigs trendy vote
uniwigs trendy vote

I would call this wig: ~ Lilac Sky ~ It’s about falling in love. Lilac is a very light and bright colour. It can only be created from the combination of two primary colours, red and blue. The difference between violet and purple is that violet appears.

Silver Orchid. The beautiful mix of colors and cascading waves remind me of the intricate orchids I see at floral shops mixed with a stunning silver.

I’d call it ‘Pastel Dream‘ because it’s such a dreamy, light colour. Wearing it would be as if a Lilac cloud was covering your head ^^ and it would be a dream to wear because it is such a gourgous pastel Lilac.

Fairy Floss — Color and beautiful wave reminds me of when I was a child going to my favorite amusement park and being fascinated by the employees spinning the light floss to make my favorite childhood treat.

Lilac Sky… its light beautiful just like a sunset. The lilac covered by light clouds as it crosses the evening sky. Beautiful and perfect.


Lilac Mist
Lilac Mist

Thanks again! And now, don’t waste your time, this big sale only last for 3 days, also only 30 lucky girls can get it. To be one of them with the code NA30 to get 30% OFF for this wigs.

End time: 20th, August, 2017.

Thanks for watching, have a nice day!

5th Anniversary Sale – Happy Birthday UniWigs!

Happy Birthday to UniWigs! We special offer different discount for different products with different codes. Want to know what they are? Check all of the pictures below:

20% off for human hair wigs
20% off for human hair wigs

We have a lot of 100% remy human hair wigs inventory. Free shipping US ground and easy return. We offer the African American ebony black wigs, best virgin remy human hair celebrity star lace wigs, including lace front, full lace and glueless wigs.

20% off for hair weaves and closures
20% off for hair weaves and closures

The hair bundles are 100% natural. The Weaves with lace closure gives more styling possibility for the clients. UniWigs are amongst the best hair weaves websites out there.

25% off for hair toppers
25% off for hair toppers

UniWigs offers the best human hair toppers and top pieces for women ideal for camouflaging areas of thinning hair or baldness, or to add volume, fullness or length to look your best. Shop the most natural silk top hair toppers, comfortable mono hair toppers and breathable lace closures here.

30% off for lavivid collection
30% off for lavivid collection

LaVivid Collection is a line designed by world wide famous designer and launched in 2016. It comes in pixie cut styles, bob styles and also long layered styles with a wide selection of beautiful colors.

20% OFF for hair extensions
20% OFF for hair extensions

Get gorgeous in an instant with pieces chosen especially for you. From curly to straight, ponytails to falls. 100% human hair to easy-care synthetics and blends…we’ve got the looks you’re looking for. Whatever you decide upon, just remember that has beautiful options for all!

30% OFF for synthetic wigs
30% OFF for synthetic wigs

You will find more synthetic wigs with different hair shades and styles, including Trendy Wigs in season and the classic ones which will surprise you. The discounts available this year would be huge with price as low as $40. Do not hesitate to start the trip of finding your own quality synthetic hair wigs.

Why the flat base 6*6 looks bigger than the curved base 6*6 topper

When you first receive the UniWigs 6*6 curved base topper, what’s your feeling about the size? You have seen some videos about the 6*6 topper, it is very large, then you look at the 6*6 curved base in your hand, it is too small, you get angry, you think you were cheated by UniWigs.

6*6 curved base topper 01
6*6 curved base topper 01

Oh, please calm down, and trust me my lady, it is really 6*6 curved base topper, it is true. I am sure you use the wrong method to measure the curved base topper, it is almost like the picture below;

6*6 curved base topper 02
6*6 curved base topper 02

The Curved Topper Base is Designed to fit the Crown Shape, so please take the proper method to measure the Base Size correctly. The Curved Topper Base is different from the plat one. Yeah you should put the topper around your head curl to measure it.

6*6 curved base topper 03
6*6 curved base topper 03

We have a 1 min video ( to give you the explanation about it, hope my video can help you, any other question, leave me message please.

June Penny Collection Summer Weekend Sale

Everyone know about UniWigs June Penny, June is really hot now, especially on YouTube and Facebook, you can find more hair topper wear and care tips on her YouTube: @June Penny

Since so many women love our June Penny Collection, we special offer this weekend sale for women who need hair toppers for thinning crown or for thinning hair. Save your money with code WK20.

There are 7 styles hair toppers can be chosen this time, see what they are in the picture below:

uniwigs june penny
uniwigs june penny

Reviews for these toppers:

Love this topper! It’s my first 3 part topper and I think it’s great! It’s great to be able to switch up from a side to a middle part. I also love the 6 x 6″ size. So comfortable and great coverage. I usually go with the Claire, but thought I’d try something different based on June’s review and YouTube view on this one and I was not disappointed. Definitely worth the extra $5 to put the clips in. — Rose

I have order this hair piece twice.They were both great for my color hair. Everybody thinks it is my hair. I get a lot of compliments. — Deb

I liked it so much I bought another one exactly the same. I like having a back up. I was very impressed with the packaging that it came in. I thought it was very high end. I will definitely buy from you again. — Overall Rating

Product Upgrading for Moon Nymph

In the past one month, the presale valume of Moon Nymph has been out of our expactation; thank you so much for all of you guys’ support.

We have got lots of messages and emails from you guys, giving us tons of suggestions on how to making Moon Nymph better.

Based on your help and the effort that our designers and manufacturing team made, we made the following Two changes on the wig:

Moon Nymph
Moon Nymph

1. Anti-static processing has been made on Moon Nymph synthetic wig. It still shows gloss and is as smooth as when you just got it after long-time wearing. You don’t need to worry about the knots problem caused by static.
2. The elastic strap at the back of the wig is 2 inches longer than before. Maixmum head circumference up to 25 inches. You don’t need to worry that it dosen’t fit your head size anymore. Of course, if you have a smaller head size, you just can do like how you do before, adjusting the elastic strap to make it fit you very well.

We look forward to your feedback…We will continue to make more improvements.

Remember to use code “MOON20” to save your money, this will only last for 3 days!

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UniWigs Human Hair Lace Wigs Unboxing Pictures

It’s Monday again! How was your weekend? Today I want to share a new customer show from Turkey. Danie is a blogger who love wigs and fashion things. She is a young girl in college just like you, let’s check what in the box from UniWigs if you want to buy a human hair lace wig for daily wear.

Deep Curly Human Hair Lace Wig
Deep Curly Human Hair Lace Wig

UniWigs deep curly wig is made by 100% Human hair. Can be use 3-6 month. Lace front can be parted in front 3″ lace area. Full lace and glueless full lace can be parted everywhere you want. If you want see more details about this wigs, click the picture above.

If you want human hair lace front wigs with baby hair in deep curly hairstyle, this one should be your first choice, also you can get 10% OFF with code Danie10, or if you want more details about real review of this hair, you can check Danie’s blog and Instagram named @dateswithdanie.

Back to School Hairstyles Ideas

back to school 2017
back to school 2017

This time we special offer 10 days sale for 2017 back to school sale, 15% OFF for wigs and hairpieces for women with code “BTS15“. Do you have any ideas for back to school hairstyles? DYE your own hair or just buy a wig instead. Which color do you want to be chic and different, pink? purple? blue even sliver grey? Any color you want, you can always find one in our website. What you need is decide which kinds of material do you want first, a synthetic hair or human hair wigs is very different.

pink wig
pink wig

This is the NO.1 hot sale pink bob hair in our Trendy Wigs collection. If you want a bob hair in real human hair, have a look at this one:

Angel Remy Human Hair Lace Wig
Angel Remy Human Hair Lace Wig

The Feedback from A loyalty Topper customer – UniWigs Complaints

Recently ,we received a long email from one of our loyalty return customer that she had a problem with her latest order , here what she wrote :

Hello Uniwigs,
I hope you are well. I recently received my latest order (placed on June 2/17 ref #100034488) of a Point Synthetic Mono Topper and the 6 x 6 Junie Straight Remy Human Hair topper (18”).

I am a loyal shopper on your site and already own a Junie topper as well as many others. I was, however, i am a little disappointed in this latest Junie topper. I ordered the regular density, as I usually do, because I didn’t have a problem with the others, but this one, actually is obvious thin on the top. And where this topper is thin, so is my own hair, Can this still be returned?
I have not had a problem with your products up until now. I’m including photos of the topper for you to see what I mean. I tried to hold it up to a bright background so you could get a sense of how sparse the hair on this piece really is.
Thank you so much for your attention to this matter.

uniwigs june penny
uniwigs june penny

After getting this email , we immediately started a meeting with the manufacture to check the pic which she sent , and investigated with the company for where was the problem , to cut the worry , the customer service replied her email immediately as below :

Dear XXX
First, we are sorry for this problem . and we have investigated within the company for the Junie toppers of your order .
Please advise if you have cut the lace of it , and we would like offer you a free exchange for the inconvenience .
We were always put the loyal customer’s order at the most important place , so we will take this problem seriously and make the improvement .
Thank you so much for your feedback and trust of our company .
Customer service center

The next day , we got the the email from this customer that she already cut the lace , which means it is no longer available for exchange anymore according to the return policy .
although we can not exchange for her , we can offer her a free repairment to make a better density . so the customer service wrote her a email to tell her , and here is what she replied:

Hi Uniwigs
This works for me. I really appreciate it!
Do I have to print out a return slip from your website? Is that how I do that?
Thanks so much!

All of the products were checked very seriously before shipping , but since this is a totally hand-made product , so it has difference between each other , we would like to express our thanks to those customer who can understand us and support us like always .

UniWigs will do better with your feedback , the product she bought has been upgraded at the density after getting her feedback . and we hope more and more customer will love our product .

How to restyle a full lace wig by Lawrencia

Here we are, come with another full lace wigs review from our website, this is the second time for Lawrencia to try our human hair wigs. Last time she choose a short bob blonde hair to restyle and she is really good at hair tutorial! If you have interesting, I will leave the video link for the bob wigs she does at the end of this post. Now let’s talk about this hair, the LS0101 in brown color:

Direct link to the wig:
SKU: LS0101
Colour: 4-Medium Brown
Length: 24″
Cap Construction: Glueless Full Lace Cap
Cap Size: Average 22″
Coupon Code: Lawrencia10
UniWigs Human Hair Wigs collection:

what do you think of this video? check her beautiful hairstyles in picture:

how to restyle a full lace wig 01
how to restyle a full lace wig 01
how to restyle a full lace wig 02
how to restyle a full lace wig 02

Another video for how to restyle a bob wigs is here:

Thanks for all Lawrencia‘s share and reviews, you can find her more beautiful looks on Instagram @lawrencialovette

UniWigs Custom Orders–HOW & WHY

As beautiful know, UniWigs could offer the customization service to meet diverse demands for customers. But there are still lots of new customers they have no idea for the processing of a custom order. Today in this blog I am going to let you know all the details.

Let’s start with the positive reviews from our cute customers.
Christine from Bloomington, Indiana:
“Hi! Thank you so much for getting my topper out to me so quickly. I desperately needed it for an event that was very important to me and it gave my so much relief to have it by then. Thank you!!!”
Although it was such a long time to confirm her hair color, now she has been a loyalty customers at UniWigs. We are so pleased and honored for this.

Jonna from Singapore:
“I have received my custom order yesterday evening.
It is really beautiful.. so soft and smooth and so light.. and the color is lovely (matches mine perfectly)..  And the left parting is just right.
I am wearing it today.. can’t wait to wear this as my previous ones just don’t feel right with the wrong parting.
And I may just want to order another one just for back up and rotating wear..
Good job and well done!”
UniWigs would like to have more loyalty customers all over the world. Thank you so much for this beautiful.

Kelly from Raleigh, North Carolina:
“Hi Christine,
I received the 5 pieces hair topper. They are great. Can you make a flip in in the gray color?”
Kelly is a big client always and she has the salon which can help people who suffering from hair loss. We also offer discount for the big orders.

UniWigs June Penny
UniWigs June Penny

Now let’s talk about the point of how to place a custom order. It is necessary for you to finish this survey below:
Once you finished it, you will see the specifications you need to have before placing. For many items, it’s quite difficult to fit all customers’ need. So if there is no color selection/ base dimension etc you would like, just contact us customer service at 626-810-2938 from Mon-Fri 09:00am-05:30pm PST & 909-895-6421 from Mon-Fri 09:00pm-05:30am EST. Or feel free to send email to BASED ON THE INFORMATION YOU SUBMITTED ABOVE.
Please kindly notify that custom order need to be placed by the purchasing link which is offered by our customer service. This bases on you confirmed all the details of your custom order.

This is about the coupon code for custom orders. Custom orders are not the regular product on the website. It would need extra cost for them so it cannot apply the coupon code for website campaigns. We appreciate for customers’ understanding.
Have a wonderful day!