The Real Reviews and Complaints about UnWigs Topper

Why UniWigs Topper is so hot now? Why so many women love UniWigs Claire? Is there any different between UniWigs and other hair topper shops? So many questions… Let’s just see some real reviews and complaints about UniWigs Topper, see how their customer service do about the complaints, what women said after bought the toppers, any questions about the topper wear…

I received my piece yesterday. I am pretty happy with it. Thank you Lily for all your hard work finding the order and making it happen. You gave exceptional customer service and made my on-line purchase not so stressful. Great job and thanks again — ta*** ********nk May 22, 2017

uniwigs claire review
uniwigs claire review

I was a little disappointed with the density. I was expecting full coverage with the 5″ but the back is thin and does not cover very well. The slightest movement and you can see the back of my head. I’m a teacher in middle school and the kids would make fun so I’m cautious. The top was fine and the quality good but a little too thin for my needs. I can’t wear it – it sits in my cabinet – I wish there was an exchange program. I’d like to try the 6″ – June seems to be thrilled with it but I’m hesitant to throw more money at something I can’t use. Sad… — Mr/Mrs May 13, 2017
— UniWigs reply: Dear customer, Thank you for your review. Please note that the hair topper you ordered is supposed to cover your top and front but not back. If you have the bald spots on back, we suggest you to order the bigger one or a human hair wig. And most of customers prefer this current density but we can also make the custom one for you if you want the more hair volume. Wish you have a good day!


I am very pleased with my Claire topper! My hair stylist cut my topper to match my hair style. The color is great. I have the caramel topper on. The hair is soft and luxurious! I love it. I will definitely be buying more! Other toppers I have worn have been heavy. This topper is light and very comfortable. The clips inside are just enough to make the topper feel secure. Thanks! — Anonymity Apr 10, 2017

Am so happy with my topper. Every time I use it my friends complement my hair not knowing I am wearing a Uniwigs topper, they all thought it is my natural hair. It just shows that it is so natural and the color is so similar to my natural hair color. I love it and will be so happy to recommend it to friends. Thank you, Uniwig! — maria Apr 10, 2017


How to deal with hair loss, special for thin hair

Care Actively for your Hair. How you brush your hair can have a big impact on the condition of your hair. Go for a soft brush made from natural fibres, and don’t brush from the top down, but from the underside out. Be as gentle as you can and don’t pull too hard.

UniWigs June Penny
UniWigs June Penny

Many individuals feel more secure and confident when wearing something to cover up their hair loss. Women and men without hair can often feel vulnerable and uncomfortable when in public. Wearing a hat, scarf or other head covering can help disguise hair loss and provide an emotional sense of security and the feeling of replacing something that has been lost, as well as restore confidence.

June Penny
June Penny

Consider Shopping for Hair Topper. Many individuals experiencing hair loss find that hair topper helps them to feel more secure and confident during a time when their confidence may be less than normal. With so many styles and colors to choose from, it is possible to find a hair topper that closely resembles your hairstyle prior to your hair loss. When you purchase a Human Hair Topper, the most important things you need to pay attention to is the Color and Base Size of the topper. The Hair Color of the topper should match your own bio hair color. And the Base size should be large enough to color the area of your thinning hair.

To see the video How to measure Base Size of the Topper – click here

How I wash ALL my Toppers from

‘in this Video I show you how I wash and condition ALL my toppers! I never realized how many I have.. I’m addicted!! ” — Said June Penny

To be honest, these toppers are worth the money. I have bought 2 of the regular claire toppers and just bought the claire silk topper. They really do hold up well and last along time. My original claire I bought over a year ago and it still looks new. And mine are the 1B like Junes. And you deserve to pamper yourself sometimes and with the toppers it really does make a difference!! — machelle hilst

2 New Curly Toppers!!! by June Penny ft. UNIWIGS.COM

UniWigs has new arrival wigs and hair pieces every month, what we want to do is produce and update every single piece for women who need wigs and hairpieces, for girls who love fashion want to be the fashion leader in the world. We will try our best to offer the chic and high quality wigs for our customers. You may have saw we updated new design trendy wigs many times, on this blog, our website and even on our official Instagram @uniwigs, today, it’s the turn of hair toppers.

June Penny shared 2 of the new arrival curly toppers in the video, if you want to see more, check here:

How to sew clips into topper by June Penny

I show you how to sew in clips into your Uniwig closure.. BUT remember UNIWIGS will sew in the clips for you for an additional $5.00. please check out my June Penny Collection and there you will find AMAZING discount codes and you will also earn Loyalty points (uniwigs $$) towards your next purchase. the topper I am wearing in this video is the 5×5 lace middle part topper you can find it on the link below:×5.html

said by June Penny

Thanks for June’s share and how to tips for women who have question about how to sew clips into topper, you can find more tips for hair toppers and closure on her Youtube channel named @june penny

Wigs Change My Life – UniWigs LaVivid Collection

You are beautiful, you should always beautiful, nothing can change that, even unable stopped hair loss or cancer, oh my god, I didn’t mean anything, I mean you just should be keep your beauty, but how? Yes, we have wigs! Wigs for hair loss, wigs for cancer patients, UniWigs LaVivid Collection by Albeir Awad is just for women who have hair loss problems. See how wigs change their life in video and join with them to change your life.

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Happy International Women’s Day 2017

international women's day
international women’s day

Now through Mar. 8th, 15% off for everything excludes custom and clearance orders. Remember use the code “PRETTYLADY” to save your money! If you are a lace closure user or want deep curly lace wig, come to our new update african american wigs and hairpieces collection which I have mentioned in my last post:

Or if you want trendy wigs, search pink wigs and peach wig for a light color looks, or if you want natural daily looks, search for blonde wigs in our website.

Thanks for reading!

UniWigs June Penny: New size, New Color Topper is Coming


Have you been looking for a topper that is shaped to fit your crown and offers more coverage and higher density? Look no further, our upgraded Junie Lace Closure will meet all your needs and more!

UniWigs has created a 6×6 Topper with our New Platinum-Fit Lace Closure that perfectly conforms to the shape of your crown. Offered in 3 density options, you’ll always have the perfect level of coverage.

The lace closure is easy to install and allows for free parting. Top quality Remy hair with cuticle aligned to prevent tangling and shedding problems.

Junie topper is UniWigs’ exclusive size. You can apply them with liquid/tape adhesive or weaving thread. They are so undetectable that no one will ever know it is not your natural hair.

Find more new update hair topper by click

Halloween Discount: 15% OFF for all Hair Toppers

Uniwigs Toppers
Uniwigs Toppers

Another Halloween Discount is coming now: 15% OFF for all hair toppers. As we know, Uniwigs toppers is so hot and is the best seller online.

No matter you want mono wigs or lace closures, here you can find your perfect hair pieces to keep your beauty and feel more confidence. Just click the picture above to find more details. Don’t forget to use the coupon “TOP15“.

Uniwigs June Penny: Hair Topper Collection New Arrival

Uniwigs June Penny
Uniwigs June Penny

All inspired by our dear customer, Uniwigs launched 2016 new hair topper collection. Made of remy human hair of high quality, the toppers are super natural and comfortable. The best choice for those with thin hair or hair loss sufferers!

Just click the picture you interesting and find the wig you need.

How to Cut Bangs on Curly Hair?

Curly hair is a great beauty asset, but it can be very difficult to style. For instance, it’s difficult to cut curly hair in an interesting and attractive manner. If you are considering cutting bangs on your curly hair, be careful. Do it correctly so that your bangs look good whether they are blown out or allowed to dry naturally.

1. Dampen your hair using the spray bottle. It should not be sodden, but you should be able to easily comb through the hair. It is not necessary for the hair to be so wet that it hangs straight.

2. Arrange your hair as you would normally wear it. For example, if you part it on the side, then your part should be on the side now. This will help you see where your bangs will fall.

3. Pull the hair that you want to cut down across your face into bangs. Go easy at first. You can always cut more, but you cannot put hair back later.

4. Cut the bang slightly longer than you think that you want it to be. Depending on how curly your hair is, you might want to allow as much as an entire inch extra. When your hair dries, it will spring back into position. This is always an issue, even with straight hair, but curly hair requires much more leeway.

5. Angle your scissors at about a forty-five degree angle. Because you have curls, you are simply unable to have a straight bang without flat ironing your hair. The angle will let your wear your bangs naturally as well as styled.

6. Check your results. As your hair dries, monitor your results. If they are not quite what you hoped, then re-wet your hair using the spray bottle and trim a little more. It is far better to have this take several tries than to hurry through the first time.

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Two spectacular natural treatments for hair loss

Thinning hair and hair loss are quite common among the ladies, and this happens because a multitude of reasons, from a certain vitamin deficiency to a more serious health problem. However, hair loss can be treated (in both women and men), but depending on the causes of this problem.

Two spectacular natural treatments for hair loss
Two spectacular natural treatments for hair loss

1. The following treatment is very good when it comes to getting rid of this problem. You need:
– 2 tablespoons of olive oil
– 1 egg yolk
– a few drops of lemon (or a vitamin C vial which strengthens hair)
All these ingredients, homogenized, are applied on clean hair. Cover your hair with a bathing cap and let it act for 45 minutes, then wash with shampoo.

Two spectacular natural treatments for hair loss
Two spectacular natural treatments for hair loss

2. The second treatment will help you get rid of dandruff too:
– 500 grams of cedar powder (from the pharmacy)
– 2 egg yolks (depending on hair length)
– a few drops of lemon
Apply these ingredients on the hair for 15 minutes and then wash with shampoo. Repeat the treatment once a week / 3 times per month.

What’s more, hair extensions for thin hair can be the third way for your problem.

Sew In Install with Lace Closure

Hair closures are added to the top or sides of your hair or hair weave and can be parted to whatever side after putting them on your crown so that is why they always look great and natural. They cause minimum or no damage on your natural hair and hence are a risk free addition. Today will introduce you a sew in install method for lace closure.

Materials needed:

8-24" 4"x5" Natural Straight Free Part/Middle Part/Three Part Brazilian Remy Human Hair Lace Closure


Click to buy

The Difference Between a Lace Front & a Lace Closure

Lace front and lace closure hair units feature lace around the hairline to give the wearer a more natural look than traditional wigs. When used correctly, the lace blends with the wearer’s natural skin tone to give the illusion of hair growing from the scalp. Wearing a lace front or a lace closure offers versatility in hair styling options.

Lace Front
Available in a range of styles, hair types and colors, lace fronts feature a thin, transparent piece of lace mesh around the hairline, attached to a wig made from synthetic or human hair. Covering the entire head appeals to women looking to give their hair a break from daily manipulation, and the lace creates a realistic hairline, allowing the wearer part the hair for a natural look. The wearer must cut the lace to fit her own hairline before securing the wig around the perimeter of the head with glue or tape.

Lace Closure
A lace closure covers only a portion of the head, and proves ideal for people who want to cover thinning hair or temporarily change their hairstyle. To cover thinning hair, the lace on the unit should blend with the wearer’s skin tone before its glued or taped into position. Matching the closure with the wearer’s hair type and color is the key to a natural, flattering look.

Lace fronts and closures can be customized to fit an individual wearer’s head or purchased as a stock piece via a website or brick-and-mortar beauty supply store. Ordering online allows for more style options, but not the ability to carefully examine the unit or ensure proper hair blending before purchase.

The price of a synthetic hair lace front ranges from $25 to $80, while human hair units cost $100 and up. A synthetic hair lace closure costs $25 to $60; human hair closures start at $70, depending on the size and type of hair.

A trained hair stylist can demonstrate how to properly apply and maintain either unit, but following the manufacturer’s application instructions will further improve the experience. The De Novo Hair website states that "most clients achieve a one to four-week hold with the right adhesive, washing and nurturing their own hair in between applications."

Users can wear most lace fronts or closures while participating in physical activities such as swimming, but De Novo Hair suggests testing different adhesives in advance to determine which provides the best hold. Glue application and friction between the unit and the wearer’s natural hair may cause a thinning hairline.