How to Celebrate Christmas This Year?

Christmas is right around the corner. It’s one of the biggest holiday in a year. Many people have already prepared things for this special day since December. I love the days of December. Not only for Christmas , but also for the last month of this year. The days of bad or great in this year have gone by. It fills the sounds of joy, smiling on peoples’ face, good meals and rhythmic music during the Pre-Christmas period. What’s the meaning of your Christmas?

We could gather with the people we love. We could set a place where we can laugh our hearts out directly from the heart. We sit at the dinner table and sharing a meal in love and truth. We decorate the trees with people that know to hold our hands through all seasons of life.

uniwigs christmas sale 2017
uniwigs christmas sale 2017

All good memories will be happened in this miracle month. In the season of joy, UniWigs offer big Christmas sale (at least 20% off everything) till Christmas to thank you for your support along this year.

If you want to buy wigs, hair pieces, extensions or others, don’t miss out the chance. It maybe the last time we offer discount in this year.


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human hair topper
human hair topper

Shop the best selling toppers with CS25 to save 25%:

Best wishes for you and enjoy your shopping at UniWigs for the Merry Christmas.

Wigs Online – UniWigs Coupon Code Collection 2017

Buy wigs online, even for your favorite brand, you will consider “where to find much bigger discount?” or “is there any coupons can be used?” people just search on Google for the brand coupon codes they want or find on the coupon code websites they joined. Even some people just ask for a discount for wigs to the company or request on some coupon website, such as What about you, do you have any good ways to find the brand coupon you want?

As a wigs online shop, UniWigs do special offer coupon codes for many reasons:
1.To celebrate the big festival such as Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, Back to School,Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, New Year’s Day…
2.Anniversary celebration every year;
3.Instagram, Facebook, YouTube fans special offer, this usually will be the biggest discount all over the year;

Moon Nymph
Moon Nymph

You may said that all of this usually a short time discount, how can we do if we want wigs or hairpieces for our daily life. Don’t worry, the most amount for coupons is from our Gurus. UniWigs has many gurus cooperation for different products, here, today, we want to share you some of them, don’t mix them because different coupons are just for different products:

Coral Doll
Coral Doll

For Trendy Wigs
20% OFF Coupon: SH10  ohmygeeee  lorenza  Miranda20  Camelia  mara  jellyfish  Jacky  ASHLEY  MARYLIA
12% OFF Coupon: AK10  Hannah  gee  ally  mary

Carrie Synthetic Wig
Carrie Synthetic Wig

For LaVivid Wigs
10% OFF Coupon: LV10   Kirsten10   Kathy10

Scarlett Virgin Remy Human Hair Lace Wig
Scarlett Virgin Remy Human Hair Lace Wig

For Human Hair Wigs
10% OFF Coupon: Lawrencia10   Olaj10    makeupchic10

For All
10% OFF for all wigs, hairpieces and extensions: Blog10            M10               REG10

If you want coupon code for UniWigs Topper or lace closure, find them all in our website.

UniWigs Cyber Monday Sale 2017

After 3 days Black Friday Sale, Cyber Monday Sale is now on! The same discount, same free shipping world wide and same 2X loyalty points with different coupon CM35!!! If you miss our Black Friday Sale or want to buy more, don’t miss the last chance to save the most in this year.

UniWigs Cyber Monday Sale
UniWigs Cyber Monday Sale

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Human Hair Wigs:


Hair Toppers:

6"x6" Charleigh Wavy Virgin Remy Human Hair Lace Hair Topper
6″x6″ Charleigh Wavy Virgin Remy Human Hair Lace Hair Topper

LaVivid Wigs:

Carrie Synthetic Wig
Carrie Synthetic Wig


35% OFF for UniWigs Black Friday Sale 2017

Are you still searching online now? It’s Black Friday!!! The biggest coupons in the all year will show for every brands you love. This year, UniWigs special offer 35% OFF site wide with  Free WORLDWIDE shipping + 2X Loyalty Points on Black Friday ONLY! Please know that this big sale will last for 3 days, but only Black Friday have the Free WORLDWIDE shipping + 2X Loyalty Points! Don’t miss this once a year savings with code BF35!

black friday sale 2017
black friday sale 2017

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lace wigs black friday sale 2017
lace wigs black friday sale 2017


Different discounts for different products each week till Thanksgiving Day

You don’t want to spend your Turkey Day fighting through (online) stores , we understand, so the good news is we start earlier this year and you can find amazing deals here at UniWigs. Shop UniWigs’ Thanksgiving sale and save up to 30 %.

UniWigs’ Thanksgiving sale
UniWigs’ Thanksgiving sale

This time, with so many thanks for our customers and followers,  we have different discounts for different products each week till Thanksgiving Day!

Beyonce Wig
Beyonce Wig

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6″x6″ Junie Straight Remy Human Hair Lace Hair Topper



Industry Standard
Not too thick, not too thin but in a “normal” density
The most popular density option

Look full and voluminous

Extra heavy
Look extra glamorous
Mostly used for theatre, costume wear and shows.

uniwigs topper density 01
uniwigs topper density 01
uniwigs topper density 02
uniwigs topper density 02

Some of the toppers they have the density selections on the website, and some don’t. Don’t worry. Just contact our customer service any time if you would like custom density for any toppers.

Find our toppers which have density selections:


Upgrade Claire Remy Human Hair Topper – 6″×6″


Claire Silk Top Remy Human Hair Topper – 5.5″×5.5″


5.5″*5.5″ Claire Remy Human Hair Topper

The right is the best –for density

You may suffer hair sparse or a bald spot. We wear a wig, pieces, extensions or whatever, we want to show a better image in people’s mind.

Get a right density hair is very important. The density is not the higher, the better. Get the right density is the best choice. When choosing human hair, you may have a doubt, which density should I get?

right density hair
right density hair

First, we should know ourselves hair—how thin or thick they are. UniWigs supply hair density with 130%, 150% and 180%.

If your hair is just thin but still covered with lots of hair, get 130% hair density will make you look fine. If your hair is sparse or is getting thinner but no bald spot, got 150% is a good choice. If you have bald spot, get 180% hair density will be covered well. Or Even If you don’t know which one you should get or you’re not satisfy with all. UniWigs strong customer service team will guide you to get the right one. Even UniWigs factory customize it as you wish.

right density hair 01
right density hair 01

So till here, you should clarified the hair density and know how to get the best one for you.

Want to know hair loss, click:
Want to know hair return, click

HOW-TO Wash, Condition & Style Your Hair Topper

Hair Toppers are effective solutions for hair loss at various stages and different areas of the scalp or for those ladies who just want to add more volume to the crown or top area of their heads. And Taking proper caring procedures can be extremely helpful to extend the lifespan of your human hair toppers.

How to Wash Your Hair Topper
1. Let cool water flow over the hair from the base to the tips until it is completely wet.
2. Apply a small amount of mild shampoo to the palms and apply evenly over the hairpiece.
3. Do not twist, rub or massage. Simply smooth the shampoo on the wig from the base to the tips of the hair.
4. Gently rinse all shampoo from the hair with Cool Water, allowing the water to flow over the hair from the base to the tips.
5. Gently squeeze excess water (do not rub or wring)

How To Condition & Style Your Hair Topper
1. Spread some hair conditioner into the palm and work evenly into the hair.
2. Thoroughly rinse under cool running water.
3. Gently squeeze excess water (do not rub or wring)
4.Lightly blot hair with a towel (do not twist or wring).
5. Put the Topper on the wig stand and draw your chosen parting
6. Let The Hair Topper Air Dry.
7. Style the Hair with a Heated styling tool such as a curling iron and flat iron.

5th Anniversary Sale – Happy Birthday UniWigs!

Happy Birthday to UniWigs! We special offer different discount for different products with different codes. Want to know what they are? Check all of the pictures below:

20% off for human hair wigs
20% off for human hair wigs

We have a lot of 100% remy human hair wigs inventory. Free shipping US ground and easy return. We offer the African American ebony black wigs, best virgin remy human hair celebrity star lace wigs, including lace front, full lace and glueless wigs.

20% off for hair weaves and closures
20% off for hair weaves and closures

The hair bundles are 100% natural. The Weaves with lace closure gives more styling possibility for the clients. UniWigs are amongst the best hair weaves websites out there.

25% off for hair toppers
25% off for hair toppers

UniWigs offers the best human hair toppers and top pieces for women ideal for camouflaging areas of thinning hair or baldness, or to add volume, fullness or length to look your best. Shop the most natural silk top hair toppers, comfortable mono hair toppers and breathable lace closures here.

30% off for lavivid collection
30% off for lavivid collection

LaVivid Collection is a line designed by world wide famous designer and launched in 2016. It comes in pixie cut styles, bob styles and also long layered styles with a wide selection of beautiful colors.

20% OFF for hair extensions
20% OFF for hair extensions

Get gorgeous in an instant with pieces chosen especially for you. From curly to straight, ponytails to falls. 100% human hair to easy-care synthetics and blends…we’ve got the looks you’re looking for. Whatever you decide upon, just remember that has beautiful options for all!

30% OFF for synthetic wigs
30% OFF for synthetic wigs

You will find more synthetic wigs with different hair shades and styles, including Trendy Wigs in season and the classic ones which will surprise you. The discounts available this year would be huge with price as low as $40. Do not hesitate to start the trip of finding your own quality synthetic hair wigs.

Why the flat base 6*6 looks bigger than the curved base 6*6 topper

When you first receive the UniWigs 6*6 curved base topper, what’s your feeling about the size? You have seen some videos about the 6*6 topper, it is very large, then you look at the 6*6 curved base in your hand, it is too small, you get angry, you think you were cheated by UniWigs.

6*6 curved base topper 01
6*6 curved base topper 01

Oh, please calm down, and trust me my lady, it is really 6*6 curved base topper, it is true. I am sure you use the wrong method to measure the curved base topper, it is almost like the picture below;

6*6 curved base topper 02
6*6 curved base topper 02

The Curved Topper Base is Designed to fit the Crown Shape, so please take the proper method to measure the Base Size correctly. The Curved Topper Base is different from the plat one. Yeah you should put the topper around your head curl to measure it.

6*6 curved base topper 03
6*6 curved base topper 03

We have a 1 min video ( to give you the explanation about it, hope my video can help you, any other question, leave me message please.

How to buy hair toppers for thinning crown

Anyone with hair loss who wishes to cover up thinning crown areas or baldness on the scalp will need a hair topper. No matter what kinds of hair loss you are, maybe aging, certain medications, alopecia, trichotillomania or stress, If you feel that your hair is lacking volume a topper can add the look of fullness to your existing hair. If your hair is thinning mainly at the part, you may need a base that is long and skinny with a monofilament construction. But if your hair is thinning at the crown, you may need a wider base and be happy with a classic style construction. Today I just want to tell you guys how to buy hair toppers for thinning crown. This type of base features rows or wefts of hair. Often, your own hair can be pulled in between the wefts to integrate your own hair with the hairpiece.

6"x6" Charleigh Straight Remy Human Hair Lace Hair Topper
6″x6″ Charleigh Straight Remy Human Hair Lace Hair Topper

Before you decide how to buy a hair topper you should know what kinds of hair loss you are. 1. Beginning Stage Hair Loss. 2. Progressive Stage Hair Loss. 3. Advanced Stage Hair Loss. Then measure the hair loss area to decide the topper size with a soft measuring tape, record the measurements of the widest points from front to back and side to side across the area where you are experiencing hair loss.

1. Just like wigs, hair toppers come in synthetic, human hair and heat friendly synthetic hair options. Because a topper is meant to blend in with your existing hair, many women prefer heat friendly synthetic or human hair toppers.

2. You want your hairpiece to resemble your existing hair color as closely as possible, but keep in mind that there will not always be a perfect match for every shade.

3. The length of the topper that you will want to choose will depend on the look that you are trying to achieve. You can choose to wear a topper with strands shorter than the length of your existing hair and have your stylist cut your hair to look like the topper is layered into the rest of your hair.

Thanks for reading!

June Penny Collection Summer Weekend Sale

Everyone know about UniWigs June Penny, June is really hot now, especially on YouTube and Facebook, you can find more hair topper wear and care tips on her YouTube: @June Penny

Since so many women love our June Penny Collection, we special offer this weekend sale for women who need hair toppers for thinning crown or for thinning hair. Save your money with code WK20.

There are 7 styles hair toppers can be chosen this time, see what they are in the picture below:

uniwigs june penny
uniwigs june penny

Reviews for these toppers:

Love this topper! It’s my first 3 part topper and I think it’s great! It’s great to be able to switch up from a side to a middle part. I also love the 6 x 6″ size. So comfortable and great coverage. I usually go with the Claire, but thought I’d try something different based on June’s review and YouTube view on this one and I was not disappointed. Definitely worth the extra $5 to put the clips in. — Rose

I have order this hair piece twice.They were both great for my color hair. Everybody thinks it is my hair. I get a lot of compliments. — Deb

I liked it so much I bought another one exactly the same. I like having a back up. I was very impressed with the packaging that it came in. I thought it was very high end. I will definitely buy from you again. — Overall Rating

The Feedback from A loyalty Topper customer – UniWigs Complaints

Recently ,we received a long email from one of our loyalty return customer that she had a problem with her latest order , here what she wrote :

Hello Uniwigs,
I hope you are well. I recently received my latest order (placed on June 2/17 ref #100034488) of a Point Synthetic Mono Topper and the 6 x 6 Junie Straight Remy Human Hair topper (18”).

I am a loyal shopper on your site and already own a Junie topper as well as many others. I was, however, i am a little disappointed in this latest Junie topper. I ordered the regular density, as I usually do, because I didn’t have a problem with the others, but this one, actually is obvious thin on the top. And where this topper is thin, so is my own hair, Can this still be returned?
I have not had a problem with your products up until now. I’m including photos of the topper for you to see what I mean. I tried to hold it up to a bright background so you could get a sense of how sparse the hair on this piece really is.
Thank you so much for your attention to this matter.

uniwigs june penny
uniwigs june penny

After getting this email , we immediately started a meeting with the manufacture to check the pic which she sent , and investigated with the company for where was the problem , to cut the worry , the customer service replied her email immediately as below :

Dear XXX
First, we are sorry for this problem . and we have investigated within the company for the Junie toppers of your order .
Please advise if you have cut the lace of it , and we would like offer you a free exchange for the inconvenience .
We were always put the loyal customer’s order at the most important place , so we will take this problem seriously and make the improvement .
Thank you so much for your feedback and trust of our company .
Customer service center

The next day , we got the the email from this customer that she already cut the lace , which means it is no longer available for exchange anymore according to the return policy .
although we can not exchange for her , we can offer her a free repairment to make a better density . so the customer service wrote her a email to tell her , and here is what she replied:

Hi Uniwigs
This works for me. I really appreciate it!
Do I have to print out a return slip from your website? Is that how I do that?
Thanks so much!

All of the products were checked very seriously before shipping , but since this is a totally hand-made product , so it has difference between each other , we would like to express our thanks to those customer who can understand us and support us like always .

UniWigs will do better with your feedback , the product she bought has been upgraded at the density after getting her feedback . and we hope more and more customer will love our product .

UniWigs Custom Orders–HOW & WHY

As beautiful know, UniWigs could offer the customization service to meet diverse demands for customers. But there are still lots of new customers they have no idea for the processing of a custom order. Today in this blog I am going to let you know all the details.

Let’s start with the positive reviews from our cute customers.
Christine from Bloomington, Indiana:
“Hi! Thank you so much for getting my topper out to me so quickly. I desperately needed it for an event that was very important to me and it gave my so much relief to have it by then. Thank you!!!”
Although it was such a long time to confirm her hair color, now she has been a loyalty customers at UniWigs. We are so pleased and honored for this.

Jonna from Singapore:
“I have received my custom order yesterday evening.
It is really beautiful.. so soft and smooth and so light.. and the color is lovely (matches mine perfectly)..  And the left parting is just right.
I am wearing it today.. can’t wait to wear this as my previous ones just don’t feel right with the wrong parting.
And I may just want to order another one just for back up and rotating wear..
Good job and well done!”
UniWigs would like to have more loyalty customers all over the world. Thank you so much for this beautiful.

Kelly from Raleigh, North Carolina:
“Hi Christine,
I received the 5 pieces hair topper. They are great. Can you make a flip in in the gray color?”
Kelly is a big client always and she has the salon which can help people who suffering from hair loss. We also offer discount for the big orders.

UniWigs June Penny
UniWigs June Penny

Now let’s talk about the point of how to place a custom order. It is necessary for you to finish this survey below:
Once you finished it, you will see the specifications you need to have before placing. For many items, it’s quite difficult to fit all customers’ need. So if there is no color selection/ base dimension etc you would like, just contact us customer service at 626-810-2938 from Mon-Fri 09:00am-05:30pm PST & 909-895-6421 from Mon-Fri 09:00pm-05:30am EST. Or feel free to send email to BASED ON THE INFORMATION YOU SUBMITTED ABOVE.
Please kindly notify that custom order need to be placed by the purchasing link which is offered by our customer service. This bases on you confirmed all the details of your custom order.

This is about the coupon code for custom orders. Custom orders are not the regular product on the website. It would need extra cost for them so it cannot apply the coupon code for website campaigns. We appreciate for customers’ understanding.
Have a wonderful day!

The Real Reviews and Complaints about UnWigs Topper

Why UniWigs Topper is so hot now? Why so many women love UniWigs Claire? Is there any different between UniWigs and other hair topper shops? So many questions… Let’s just see some real reviews and complaints about UniWigs Topper, see how their customer service do about the complaints, what women said after bought the toppers, any questions about the topper wear…

I received my piece yesterday. I am pretty happy with it. Thank you Lily for all your hard work finding the order and making it happen. You gave exceptional customer service and made my on-line purchase not so stressful. Great job and thanks again — ta*** ********nk May 22, 2017

uniwigs claire review
uniwigs claire review

I was a little disappointed with the density. I was expecting full coverage with the 5″ but the back is thin and does not cover very well. The slightest movement and you can see the back of my head. I’m a teacher in middle school and the kids would make fun so I’m cautious. The top was fine and the quality good but a little too thin for my needs. I can’t wear it – it sits in my cabinet – I wish there was an exchange program. I’d like to try the 6″ – June seems to be thrilled with it but I’m hesitant to throw more money at something I can’t use. Sad… — Mr/Mrs May 13, 2017
— UniWigs reply: Dear customer, Thank you for your review. Please note that the hair topper you ordered is supposed to cover your top and front but not back. If you have the bald spots on back, we suggest you to order the bigger one or a human hair wig. And most of customers prefer this current density but we can also make the custom one for you if you want the more hair volume. Wish you have a good day!


I am very pleased with my Claire topper! My hair stylist cut my topper to match my hair style. The color is great. I have the caramel topper on. The hair is soft and luxurious! I love it. I will definitely be buying more! Other toppers I have worn have been heavy. This topper is light and very comfortable. The clips inside are just enough to make the topper feel secure. Thanks! — Anonymity Apr 10, 2017

Am so happy with my topper. Every time I use it my friends complement my hair not knowing I am wearing a Uniwigs topper, they all thought it is my natural hair. It just shows that it is so natural and the color is so similar to my natural hair color. I love it and will be so happy to recommend it to friends. Thank you, Uniwig! — maria Apr 10, 2017