How to choose right hair topper for hair loss?

If you’re wearing a hair topper or looking for a new one, this blog is wrote for you. It states the stage of hair loss and the area of coverage that help you to find the correct hair topper.

The first step is that you have to identify your stage of hair loss. We classify the stage into three: Beginning stage, Progressive stage and Advanced stage.

How to choose right hair topper for hair loss
How to choose right hair topper for hair loss

Second, you need to determine the area of hair loss to be covered. Where is your hair loss prominent.

Then, measure your hair loss area. It’s important to start and stop your measurements in an area with an sufficient amount of hair. What’s the most important is the area you are clip into can support the weight of hair and the base of hair topper.

Beginning stage of hair loss:
Hair loss starts with a diffused pattern at front hair line or the middle parting line. Most ladies suffering from this stage will need a hair topper with the small base size.
Progressive stage of hair loss:
This is the stage where the scalp becomes noticeable through the Top or Crown of the head. A Hair topper with the medium to large base can match the needs.
Advanced stage of hair loss:
Hair loss at this stage is typically very noticeable and completely bald areas of the scalp are visible. The largest of base sizes will work to completely conceal hair loss. Some women with advanced stage hair loss may want to consider shopping for a full wig.

We believe these will help you more clearly on which hair loss stage and determine which hair topper is suitable for you. Click the link to know more and find your correct hair toppers.

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