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UniWigs 5.5"*5.5" Claire review
UniWigs 5.5″*5.5″ Claire review

This hair piece literally changed my life. When I was young my hair was thin, but as I aged it got thinner and thinner.. I looked at photos of me & it looked like I had no hair. When I would go out in the sun my scalp would get sunburned in about five minutes. Hats helped, but you can’t wear them everywhere. I was starting to avoid going out to see people, because I could not make my hair look good no matter what I did. Then I found Claire! When I first saw it. I thought it would not be thick enough, but when I put it on, I realized it was perfect. When I looked in the mirror, I looked 20 years younger ! It is so lightweight I hardly know I have it on. It is cool in summer, unlike synthetic pieces. My own family noticed my hair looked nice, but was unsure what I had done. It looks so natural. UniWigs has made my embarresing problem disappear. The hair is beautiful. it is amazing what a difference hair makes. Thank you UniWigs !
Color 613. Length 16 in. density 130% – base 5×5 regular Claire.
—  karen Nov 30, 2017

UniWigs 4.7"*4.7" Demi Review
UniWigs 4.7″*4.7″ Demi Review

Color 613. length 16 inch (which I trimned myself about 2 inches,), style Demi. I got this on sale. I washed it with Clairol Shimner lights to tone it. I am very pleased with it. It has a long bang. The hair is beautiful and soft. When I store it I put just one roller at the bottom of the hair. The Demi has a smaller bade than the regular Claire, but it is perfect for a day when I just want to wear a light piece. The coverage could be a bit better in back, because I wear it pretty far forward. My hair is extremely thin on top, on the sides & front. So if you need lots of coverage in back, but don’t need it in front, or visa versa, it will work. But if you need coverage in back & front, a larger base will be better. The mono top is nice, but I probably will need to tweeze the part, because my hair is so thin, my part is quite large. The contrast between my natural hair and the piece is evident, since the parts are such different widths. All in all, I like this piece fir everyday wear, and save the Claire for more special occasions. The Demi is so easy to just put in and go. I don’t need to fuss with it. It isn’t in my face as much as Claire since there are some bangs which I sweep to the side. I would buy this piece again. I really like it !
—  karen Dec 16, 2017

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