Product Upgrading for Moon Nymph

In the past one month, the presale valume of Moon Nymph has been out of our expactation; thank you so much for all of you guys’ support.

We have got lots of messages and emails from you guys, giving us tons of suggestions on how to making Moon Nymph better.

Based on your help and the effort that our designers and manufacturing team made, we made the following Two changes on the wig:

Moon Nymph
Moon Nymph

1. Anti-static processing has been made on Moon Nymph synthetic wig. It still shows gloss and is as smooth as when you just got it after long-time wearing. You don’t need to worry about the knots problem caused by static.
2. The elastic strap at the back of the wig is 2 inches longer than before. Maixmum head circumference up to 25 inches. You don’t need to worry that it dosen’t fit your head size anymore. Of course, if you have a smaller head size, you just can do like how you do before, adjusting the elastic strap to make it fit you very well.

We look forward to your feedback…We will continue to make more improvements.

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