Summer fresh short straight hair straightforward brilliance perfect bloom

Are you tired of the sweltering messy hair, you want to survive the scorching summer months in the summer to a fresh and neat short hair, pretty small short hair always gives people a refreshing feeling, but short hair does not necessarily perm wonderful, in fact, straight hair can be cut out fresh and charming sense of style. Today, uniwigs you enjoy the stars how to control refreshing short straight hair, which is certainly a let your heart. What are you waiting for? In this hot August, the selection of a suitable cool short hair, the younger outspoken glory bursting out.

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Fall sense of long straight hair with a full simple and elegant beauty

Have a beautiful hair that all women dream. Up ordinary distributing the full sense of fashion, straight hair with a unique identifier, I believe the straight hair hair beauty of the pursuit of goals. Whether it is carved hair or hair get this fundamental, not from a sense of falling straight hair. A variety of hair, to create a different feeling straight hair. And among them which one is your favorite?

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Variety princess hair to show the summer ladies fashion

Summer is a favorite of the girls dress up their season, for some of the ladies in favor of girls, simple and sweet princess head is a good choice. Sweet and cute styling has also become the object of pursuit many actress who competed, whether it is a plate made of, distribute, or hair ornaments and dress, let them princess full. Below, uniwigs on the band you take a look at the actress who is the perfect presentation of this lovely princess hair style, you can also become the fine ladies of the summer.

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The most suitable N-perfect hair for the summer beach

Weekend beach trip, the advent of the hot summer, let’s weekend this short three-day holiday, about the friends go to the beach. In the sweet sea breeze blowing, soft beach stroll, what kind of hair most suitable for such a comfortable scene? uniwigs recommend several to you the most suitable hairstyle in the summer on the beach, leisurely sea breeze blowing hint of elegant long hair must be preferred hairstyle, coupled with a two aesthetic flower accessories that will let you on the beach on the more dazzling. Plate made of cool Icy fresh and lively with short hair must be your must-hair, are you ready? We go together!

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This summer, most sweet braided hair shape pastoral pure wind

Coincided with the height of summer, pure and sweet pastoral wind, stars without any intent to change the "head" for the face, have to show his elegant and fresh pastoral hair. uniwigs take with you to enjoy the pastoral style of the actress who, if there are a let your heart? Then rushed to the actress had to learn, to experience a pastoral pure wind.

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How to Use the Tape for a Lace Front Wigs?

Adhesive should be released from the hair side of the lace, with Lace Release or alcohol. Spray or drip it through and wait for the bond to release before lifting the hairpiece away. Always proceed gently when removing pieces. Using a small brush with top solvent or 99% alcohol, dab at the area where the spirit gum was placed and gently pull away from the skin. Always clean your pieces before re-applying by pacing on a paper towel and dabbing at the gum to dissolve the glue. Never use anything but approved cleansers or 99% alcohol for this process. Glue only can be used as well making sure to let it stand for 5 to 10 minutes or until glue is tacky

  • 1 Clean hair and or scalp and dry. ( Exfoliate scalp for best results), cut off excess lace on unit leaving about half inch on.
  • 2 Applying scalp protector to the lace and will provide easier clean up.
  • 3 Apply red liner tape to inside of lace wig on the tracking can apply only on the temple areas and back area as you see the fit of wig.
  • 4 Using a make up sponge or small painting brush, apply 2 thin coats of glue to the tape, now applied to the tracks on the unit.
  • 5 Let stand for 5 to 10 minutes until glue is tacky.
  • 6 In the meantime, apply tape to your own head on the same positions as on the unit. Repeat step 5 on your head.
  • 7 Place the unit on your head and press firmly, adjusting it for proper fit.


Olympic wave struck the classic pony tail interpretation of the sports fashion

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The London Olympics are in full swing. In fierce competition to watch the players at the same time, let people turned up for the movement. First of all, from the hair started! The ponytail is best able to represent the girls fresh and natural, vibrant and vigorous one of the classic hairstyle. Many stars also very much love the hair of this seemingly simple but full of feeling. The following, uniwigs you enjoy the star how to interpret the movement of wind, which is also a let your heart, this Olympic time, let our hair coiled up, to enjoy the Olympic Games to bring our passion!

The types of hair extensions by materials

Hair extension is getting more and more popular nowadays around the world.Hair extension which is a certain way of adding artificial hair or real human hair to our natural hair. In the past this way is usually done to conceal thinning hair or hair loss. But nowadays fashion and trend is another reason for people to do hair extension. By doing extension, you can change your hair styles easily and quickly, so you do not need to wait your own hair to grow. Instead of waiting for years to have long hair, now you can have it in a few hours.

Generally there are three kinds of materials that are usually used as hair extensions by people. They are known as follows in their advanges and disadvanges,

The first one is real human hair extension. It is the most common type of extension which are easily to be applied for and it will also look gorgeous when being used. And the price of cource is higher than other kinds of hair extensions.

Variety colorful hair color pop glamorous

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When it comes to hair first thing to consider is the hair color in fashion this year what hair color? The color of your skin for what color? Which color is more in line with your requirements? I believe these will be issues to consider, so the election is particularly important for the hair color of their skin color and temperament. Below, uniwigs take you to enjoy the stars with amazing hair color, which always have a right for you, this summer, to create a part of the hair color of your unique fashion taste.

Variety curls roll out special part of your femininity

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Curly hair sexy romantic style popular with the pursuit of fashion stars. Heady wavy hair, charming and tender shreds of hair, sweet and fresh natural curls. No matter what a hair design, can bloom unique beauty! What kind of hair that look at the stars is to let you slam the heart of the choice now to catch the hair new wave! Throughout the season you are able to radiate the same look.

Variety bangs make you fresh and charming an entire summer

The hottest time in summer is coming. The bangs can help a woman to cover up the shortcomings, but some hot in the summer too. If the bangs long, it takes time. Today, dog days of summer to those who have not yet bang long the girls will be faced with the bangs in the hot summer but also the amount of America’s troubled. However, we do not have to worry about. Today uniwigs we have identified a number of stars how to spend the hot summer hair, to do some small changes on your current fringe, allow you to cool an entire summer! Check it out!

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Taking care of your Hair Extensions

Braids will be quite tight for a week or so, until they’ve loosened up slightly and your own hair has grown a bit. You will not need to wash braids as often as normal hair – once a week at the most would be fine. The only part that really needs to be washed is at the scalp, so it’s best to run a dilute shampoo solution through the scalp, then let the lather rinse through the braids themselves.
"If you can’t get Dr. Bronners peppermint shampoo [Ed’s note – which is what Bridget thinks is the best thing for washing extensions with], try any minty shampoo or one with tea tree oil (The Body Shop tea tree shampoo works great, just get one of the bitty travel bottles). So, what I do is first gently rub my scalp with the pads of my fingers to ease the urge to itch, and to losen any, um, scruff. Then, squirt a little shampoo in my hand then dilute it with some water. Apply to part of your hair concentrating it all on your scalp. Apply to your head in sections until you seem to have it all covered. Then, rinse like crazy. A shower or one of those shower head attachments are really helpful at this moment. Rinse for several minutes. Really. Sometimes itchiness is left over shampoo on your poor scalp.

Information about the skin weft

Invisible hair weaving is an ideal way to install hair extensions because no thread or braids are used to attach the weave to the natural hair, resulting in a weave installation that is smooth to the touch. The wefts used in invisible hair weaving are made of a thin clear strip of polyurethane, and are referred to as skin wefts because they blend in with the scalp. Unlike wefts used for other hair weaving like sew-ins, wefts used for invisible hair weaving have the actual hair extensions incorporated into the weft, creating a natural, from the scalp look.

Skin wefts come with their own bonding tape, no glue or alternative adhesive tape is required unless you would like to use it. Invisible hair weaving is one of the quickest hair extension techniques to use because no time is needed to braid the natural hair. Start by horizontally parting your natural hair where you want to place the skin wefts. Pin up the extra hair and hold one of the skin wefts against your part to measure the length of the weft. If cutting is required, make sure to slowly cut the weft.