Cool summer, say goodbye long hair

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Positive heat of summer, you are still that flowing hair? Hair short, personalized fashion short hair this summer to accompany your right and left.Below, uniwigs bring you a few walk in the female stars of the fashion forefront, so that they’ll tell you what the fashion of short hair.Short hair can not only dress up sweet and refreshing, sweet girl, sometimes able to create mature, successful intellectual woman, and sometimes also to meet the pursuit of individual needs. Let’s pursuit of fashion short hair wave of strikes, together with the actress hurry to choose your short hair!

Hands-on production swept the plate hair

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To create this hair, the hair needs to have enough texture. Cast some spray mousse in the hair root to increase the fullness, and then dry with a hair dryer. If the hair is soft, with some mousse, they will make this hairstyle is easier to achieve.

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Mousse and hair dryer to complete the final effect is too messy, a little comb it with a comb, as shown above, the dominant natural texture, not too confusing.

The ladies in the entertainment

Paris • Hilton
Paris Hilton’s life experience is well known, her high-profile personality, brought her a lot of negative effects, and I type my prime character, does not seem to let these rumors affect the point, is still living a life of self-enjoyment of . The multiple roles of the four countries mixed beauty, has a clever mind of the Hilton family heir Paris Hilton seems to be born with the ordinary "opposition".
Lady dress Hilton did not make her sexy reduce the trace of blonde is always the ultimate temptation, silver flashing eye makeup add vitality orange blush, the beauty of children’s sexy more than a little jump bright lively sense of.

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Line to the ladies

Olivia was born in 1986, the daughter of the state of Connecticut real estate business, net worth millions. Grew up in New York’s Upper East Side elite schools, and jewelry line with their name on signboards, participating television programs, to participate in the commercial runway shows and other activities, the ladies of "Gossip Girl" Blair, are considered its prototype creation.
Olivia is like the real version of Snow White, with Satan are jealous beauty, sweet shape like a Barbie doll, a beautiful smile pierced the hearts of countless people.

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Super gas field-uniwigs recommended

This hairstyle is not very close to the people simple? In life, we will often try this hairstyle fashion socialite Olivia Palermo puts this hairstyle into the show, with pink lace suit, do not feel the simple soul of the hair is to make the whole effect are full of the spiritual dynamic of the air, they must taut hair gives a very stiff feel.

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Show the temperament-Uniwigs recommended

Mary-Kate Olsen’s layering hair

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Do not be nervous sea wet hair, if you land, try a Mary-Kate Olsen is full of layered hair. Olsen hair stylist, Charlie Brown, her hair is divided into four parts, to make sense of hierarchy, and sprayed with ocean salt spray, he took her hair bundles, wrapped into one. "And then rub the hairline contour near seem like a baby’s hair fluffy and lazy," Brown said, "so that it highlights the more romantic and sexy."

Beauty show hair-Uniwigs recommended

Gwyneth’s sleek bun
We all like Gwyneth sleek bun bring the fashion sense of marvel at the beauty of her perfect in the distribution line. This hair to make hair smooth along the vertical, so even a small lock of hair should comb to smooth, and to ensure that the occasion of distribution of hair, only to remain smooth and supple, so it looks like it is more with a sense of fashion.

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2012 custom publishing show

Hard to come by, the Chanel fashion show to show the feeling of sleek, cheerful, forward-looking the decadence Lagerfeld fashion show, very different style sink and anxious. Today, watch the Chanel fashion show audience feel like being in the space shuttle, the clothing show led the audience from the Earth’s atmosphere, heading for space. At the end of the earth on his head through the sunny sky, allows travelers to enjoy the gorgeous space outside.

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Pretty girls and young fashionable short hair Beauty program

Ivan Rachel Wood, the momentum of three-dimensional short hair

Flame burning stereoscopic golden short hair looks very impressive, neat, and spirit, the atmosphere, filled with the posture of the Queen. If your face is like Ivan exquisite perfection, can be assured that exposing the forehead.

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2012 uniwigs recommended star hair!-Michelle Williams,Dakota Fanning,Keira Knightley

Michelle Williams


The black hair bands also frequently appear in the T station. Neat blond short hair with a black ribbon, and immediately became the very type. The hair is made ​​fluffy, looks will not be so rigid.