Lace Closure Vs Lace Frontal

What is the difference between the two??

The big difference in lace frontal and closure is the construction, the materials used, and how they are applied. In GENERAL a closure piece is usually used for sew in installs/applications. Some vendors also construct closures from lace similar to or slightly heavier than a lace frontal. A few vendors use a combination of stretch lace and flesh colored French silk to create a breathable closure which looks like natural skin. While not nearly as popular these days, some vendors continue to manufacture and sell non breathable closures.

In GENERAL a lace frontal is meant to be bonded in place. Like a lace front wig, a lace frontal piece has a realistic hairline which is meant to mimic hair growing from the scalp. When bonded along the hairline correctly, they achieve just this affect. Lace frontal cover a larger area than closure as they will have a temple to temple hairline. This larger temple to temple area in combination with the replication of a natural hairline allows for many off the face type of hairstyles that are not possible with a regular closure. Just like its full sized lace front wig counterparts, a frontal will require the sealing of the knots to help keep the hair secured firmly in the cap.

Yaki Straight 8-20
Yaki Straight 8-20″ Free Part/Middle Part/Three Part Remy Human Hair Top Closure

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Further Reading:
What is a silk closure?
A Silk Base Lace Front Closure is a closure piece that is worn usually with a weave to give a natural looking hair line. The Silk Base material creates a scalp for this closures and therefore can be parted and styled in any matter.
What is a silk base closures?
Silk Base Lace Front Closure is a Closure that is worn with a weave to give a natural looking hairline the Silk Base material creates a scalp for this closure, and therefore can be parted and styled in any manner.
What is a V-Part Closure?
What is 3 part lace closure?

Loose Wave Free Part/Middle Part/Three Part Brazilian Remy Human Hair Lace Closure
Loose Wave Free Part/Middle Part/Three Part Brazilian Remy Human Hair Lace Closure

I will tell you more letter, or you can search on Google for the answers, but first of all, I want to recommend you the top 3 hot sale lace closure wigs from Uniwigs, click the photos I offered in this post to see why so many women love them. And then you can feel free to tell me your feelings about the wigs and even Uniwigs online store.

5 tips to avoid tangling and shedding for Lace Wigs

Earlier days Uniwigs launched a new collection wigs – Luxury Collection.

This collection make a much higher wigs. Its strongest point is its advantages: Superior Lace Wig. More thicker, More Silky, Long using life, Less short hair. It is the best choice to enjoy a new hairstyle.


But it is still different from natural hair. It is important to take good care of a wig to extend its lifespan and maintain an attractive appearance. Here are 5 tips that may be helpful to avoid tangling and shedding.

  1. NEVER sleep on wet hair; your hair must be completely dry before going to sleep. Or it will cause hair to be very matted and knots will getting looser. Also do not comb or brush the wet wig. Style the wig when it is dry.
  2. Don’t soak the hand-tied human hair wigs for a long time since it will damage the knots in the wigs. When you wash the wig, please treat it very carefully just like your own hair.
  3. Choose a slightly acidic shampoo, use hair conditioner and wash in mild water. It can keep tha hair silky.
  4. Refrain from pulling the comb forcefully through the tangles. Pulling will not only pull the hair off of the “tracks” of the wig but the pulling. Spray your wig with a light oil sheen to restore luster that was lost while getting rid of the tangles.
  5. Please store your wig on a wig stand or mannequin head in a cool, dry location avoiding extreme temperatures, mold and dust, which will help maintain the shape, cleanliness and style of your wig.

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Uniwigs Sweety Futura Synthetic Lace Front Wig Review

Love the hair. It looks official especially for Synthetic hair Absolutely beautiful! That hair is fierce! oooh. so thats what syhthetic looks like. (Shit i thought that wig was real human!) Looks great!!Honestly i always thought synthetic was like beauty supply/ messes up with in a week or so. Now i know what Syhtetic looks like I feel more comfortable about buying one. THANKS!! I Loveee this hair! Very Beautiful! and looks like human! I bought a blonde one. The hair is so soft. Definitely will try gray color! Slayyyyyyy. Yasssss. Love Love.I Look Gorgeous with this wig on

Can’t believe a human hair wig is cheaper than 3 hair weft and 1 lace closure


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3 hair weft and 1 lace closure=$289.31>>>>>$169.06 (Uniwigs® New Style Body Wave U Part Lace Front Wigs 24″)

Uniwigs® New Style Body Wave U Part Lace Front Wigs Human Hair 1b# Off Black Natural Hairline for Pretty Women (24″)

What to Try Your First Lace Front Wig?


Are you still struggling about the hairstyles? Should you dye it, straighten it, perm it or whatever? Girls all love being beautiful and love different and gorgeous appearance. Instead of just damaging your natural hair, wigs are a good option for you! Want to start your first lace front wig? Let the youtube popular beauty gurus to tell you how the following ombre long synthetic wig feel.


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Q: How do you like the this Sweety Futura Synthetic Lace Front Wig?

A: I love it very much. Because it is lace front, it does give you a natural looking hairline and you can part it at multiple places. In the photos I post wearing it on intragram lots of people assume that I dye my hair blonde again and so it really does look incredible natural. It probably is one of the most natural wigs out of the old ones I own and I really like how they did the effect makes the hair look incredibly natural.

Q:What is a lace front wig?

A: Lace front means that the front inch or so of the wig are individual hairs glued onto lace. This means that it really resembles natural human hair growing out of skin. Lace front wigs are harder to make and thus cost a bit more. Lace front wigs not only look far more natural, but you can part them in multiple places, much like normal human hair. So if you’re someone that wears wigs on a daily basis or if you want a super realistic cosplay, lace front is the way to go.

Q: Why You need a Wig?

A:I wear wigs because it’s an instant and zero damage way to change how you look for cosplay or even just for every day. If I wanted my natural hair to be this length it would take roughly 5 years of growing, then I’d have to bleach it to match that blonde color, and then I’d have to straighten it. With a wig it’s two minutes to brush it and put it on properly. That’s it. Two minutes vs 5 years.

How to Install Lace Frontal?

Understanding the proper application of a lace frontal is essential to aesthetics and safety. Otherwise, the process may lead to hair loss and skin and/or wig damage. Unlike traditional wigs a lace frontal, commonly referred to as a "lace front wig," features a mesh of Swiss or French lace constructed along its front perimeter. The hair along the perimeter of the wig is hand-tied onto the lace, allowing it to emulate a natural hairline. In addition, specially made adhesives are applied directly beneath the hairline of the wig in order to secure the lace frontal along the scalp.

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Secure your hair so it lies flat underneath the wig. This can be achieved by two methods:

Cornrow braid your hair. Take the tooth end of your rat tail comb and part your hair into vertical sections one by one. Part in a straight line beginning from the middle of your hairline on back to the nape of your neck (how small you want your braids is determined by the width or amount of hair in between each part). Take three sections of hair left in between these parts and braid the hair into a cornrow. Repeat the process until all your hair is securely braided. Place the wig cap over your hair.

The advantages of the lace front wigs

Lace-front wigs have grown in popularity over the last several years thanks to celebrities like Beyonce, who is famous for wearing them for her performances and television appearances. Lace-front wigs are manufactured with synthetic, human hair and human-synthetic blend fibers and are priced significantly higher than full monofilament wigs, due to several unique advantages.

Beyonce uniwigs


uniwigs star fashion hairstyle

Jessica Alba bright retro wave
Boot out the feelings of the lady of your heart, to a like Jessica Alba nostalgic style curly hair! This model is carefully designed, look very elegant. "Said her hair stylist Renato Campora. Campora, an inch curlers, to create big curls, and then comb through them, the waves look more fluffy. And then painted the Frederic Fekkai along the hair cream, hair looks like a mirror shining. This hairstyle is complete.

uniwigs 14

uniwigs fashion hairstyle

Lauren Conrad’s beautiful low bun
Want to learn the secret of Lauren Conrad’s low chignon? Is kind of like the ASOS brand sponge hairpin. Conrad’s hair stylist Kristin Ess, her hair is divided into three parts, straight hair pull to the back of the volume into a bun, "hanging part of the hair of the face on both sides, if the liner and around the hair, you can use curly hair volumes about Ess, said, "will pull the other hair in the past, do not begrudge the use of hairpin, so as to keep this sweet effect of the first type."

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