The BEST Wig EVER?! 360 Lace Wig UniWigs

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Brand: UniWigs
SKU: UL0005
Color: Off Black to Dark Blonde
Length: 22″
Hair Texture: Straight
Cap: Full Lace Cap
Cap Size: Average
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Thanks for Lawrencia Lovette’s videos and pictures, I am really surprise for the looks she show in the video and Instagram(@lawrencialovette) picture, She wear it natural and even perfect for her, I love her bun bun hairstyle too. Check her beauty in the youtube(Lawrencia Lovette) video and find more information for this bob lace wigs human hair by click the link direct to the wig.

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UniWigs Customer Show 01
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UniWigs Customer Show 03

Uniwigs human hair full lace wigs on Amazon

Uniwigs full lace wigs are made with Top Quality remy human hair which is long lasting and more durable. 100% handtied lace cap construction has the natural appearance of scalp wherever the hair is seperated, and imitates most sucessfully the natural movement of real hair. They are virtually undetectable and can be worn in a variety of styles including a high ponytail or updo.


Jillian Straight 22" Indian Remy Human Hair Full Lace Wig

Remy Human Hair Full Lace Wig

Uniwigs full lace wigs are made with top quality remy human hair which is long lasting and more durable.

100% handtied lace cap construction has the natural appearance of scalp wherever the hair is seperated, and imitates most sucessfully the natural movement of real hair.

They are virtually undetectable and can be worn in a variety of styles including a high ponytail or updo.

Hair Type: 100% Indian remy human hair

Hair Length: 22″

Density: 130%

Color Shown: 2-Dark-Brown

Hair Texture: Straight

Baby Hair: Natural hairline with baby hair all around the perimeter

Cap Construction: Full lace cap with stretch panel in the crown

Cap Size: Medium

Lace Type: Durable brown French lace

Bleached Knots: Along the perimeter


1. The hair length should be measured from the head top to the hair bottom when the hair is straight. The curly and wavy wigs developed from straight wigs, so for the same length, a curly or wavy wig will be shorter by 1″-2″ than a straight wig. *It varies depending on how deep the curl is.

2. You can re-style the wig just like regular hair, part it anywhere you like, perm it, dye it, etc. We highly recommend having your wig customized by a salon professional to achieve your desired look as human hair can be easily trimmed and styled.

3. The full lace is a delicate material and should be handled with care.

How to Dry the Hair of Lace Wig?

Apply fresh, strong tape directly over the residue and press it on firmly using a blunt object such as a brush handle or your thumbnail. Release this new tape from the hair side of the lace wig and it should come off with most of the residue attached.

We can become so excited when we have beautiful long hair again that we are tempted to blow dry our hair. Heat is death to synthetic hair, and even human hair replacements of the lace wig are better off without the hair dryer ever coming near. Dry hair for the lace wig by shaking out a piece that you are not wearing, don’t do this if it’s on, you’ll shake up your brain! or by rolling it in a towel. If you washed it in place, blot with a towel and your body heat should finish drying it out in no time, just for lace wig. Brushing a wet lace wig can pull out many hairs. It’ll be dry soon, Use a vent brush which looks like spaced out plastic nails with blunt ball ends. Don’t push it into the foundation, just gently comb through the dry hair and then finish by messing up with the fingers.

What is the Duration of the Lace Wig?

Firstly, The duration of the lace wig depends on the adhesive that you are using. If you buy an adhesive that is for daily wear the hold will only last for up to 1-10 days. If you want to wear the unit longer then you have to buy extended wear adhesives which can last for 3-6 weeks. You do not have to remove the unit until you decide to and/ or when your adhesive hold starts to slip. The unit does not need frequent washing.

Secondly, The duration of your lace wig depends on how often your wig is worn and how you care for your lace wig. When good care is taken while putting it on, wearing it and taking it off then the life length of your lace wig will increase. On average, full lace wig and lace front wig will last six months to one year even longer. The wig can be worn for up to six weeks.

Lace wig can be lasted for a month up to a year or more but this depends on use frequency with proper care and maintenance. If you are wearing a unit everyday, then general wear and tear will reduce the life span of the lace wig unless you buy more than one unit. The cost of the unit works out to be cheaper than a weave as you can re-use the lace wig. Clients with severe hair loss such as Alopecia who wear the same unit everyday have an average life span of 3 to 4 months for a wig before it may require to repair or complete replacement. The life span of the Lace wig will ultimately fall with the owner and their care and maintenance regime.

The advantages of the lace front wigs

Lace-front wigs have grown in popularity over the last several years thanks to celebrities like Beyonce, who is famous for wearing them for her performances and television appearances. Lace-front wigs are manufactured with synthetic, human hair and human-synthetic blend fibers and are priced significantly higher than full monofilament wigs, due to several unique advantages.

Beyonce uniwigs


How to Wear a Lace Front Wig Easily and Quickly?

What is a lace front wig? A wig head, the hair is attached to a base type of lace that can be worn on the head. This base is almost invisible when attached to an adhesive application of the lace. In most cases, you can wear your hair up or down styles without being detected as a wig.

Take a strip of hair piece a day for several weeks at a time can be detrimental to the hairline, to assess the next steps, which means that you can try to find ways to create undetectable wigs and tape to keep the call tone and spirit of healthy hair. Wig glue, wig is handmade and airy with full lace wigs special needle with a vent. glueless wigs are strategic and they are tedious to make.

How to Make Your Lace Wig Look More Natural

Keep your wig looking pretty and realistic. One of the most important goals of wearing a full lace wig is the desire to make the wig appear as natural and realistic as possible. Several tell-tale signs may be alerting others to the fact that you are wearing a wig without you even realizing it. There are some simple steps that you can take to make your hair look as attractive and real as possible.


Work your own natural hair into as smooth a canvas as possible before applying your wig. Cornrows, twists or a low bun can all provide control that will help your hair slip neatly underneath a wig cap. Covering your hair with a cap can prevent not only friction that causes breakage to your real hair, but also tell-tale strands of your hair from peeking out beneath the wig.


The lace of your wig can either add to or detract from the illusion of it being your own hair. One way to add to a realistic appearance is to select a wig with lace that is close in color to your skin tone. If you are not able to find a satisfactory lace color, a professional can help you dye the lace to better match your complexion. After you have applied your wig, trim away as much of the excess lace as possible. Use sharp manicure, fabric or other scissors. If your scissors tear at the lace, then they should be sharpened. A clean cut will allow the lace to blend better. If the lace edges begin to fray and look jagged you can purchase and apply an anti-fraying brush-on glue that will keep the lace intact.