Happy 4th of July! 25% OFF for everything only for one day!

Happy 4th of July
Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July! 25% OFF for everything only for one day! Code: ID25. Don’t miss this chance to save your money with hot sale ombre wigs or 100% human hair wigs.

Dusty Rose
Dusty Rose

About Dusty Rose:

Rose is your color and it won’t disappoint. With dark roots that flow to a gorgeous dusty rose shade, this front lace wig is the life of the party. At 24” long, this mysterious color falls into gorgeous waves. You can use your heating tools to achieve multiple looks with your Dusty Rose.

Or if you want hairpieces or wigs for hair loss, synthetic wigs for hair loss, hair weaves or hair toppers, even lace closure, they all 25% OFF today! So hurry up to have a look at our website UniWigs.com.

It is Not Over! — 22 Lucky Voters of 2016

So this is not yet over! This activity is not only to vote for the top social star in 2016, but to choose the lucky voters and send free trendy wigs to them. So, let we see who are so lucky to get a wig they are dream for:

22 lucky voters of 2016
22 lucky voters of 2016
22 lucky voters of 2016
22 lucky voters of 2016
22 lucky voters of 2016
22 lucky voters of 2016

UniWigs is always so kindly and generous.  This kind of vote will happen every quarter in 2017, so , let’s looking forward to!

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SO THIS HAPPENED!!! — UniWigs 2016 Top Social Star Vote

UniWigs 2016 Top Social Star Vote 01
UniWigs 2016 Top Social Star Vote 01

Thank you to everyone who entered our 2016#UniWigsTrendyTopSocialStar contest and congratulate all of the Top 3 Stars .All the 12 candidates earn FREE Colorful Hair Extensions (Product SKU:TBE).🌟🙌Do you guys still remember 22 Trendy wigs give out to voters? It’s time now!!!@thaliabree can share 10 Trendy Wigs to her loyal fans, @kieraplease can share 7 Trendy Wigs to her loyal fans.@lastfeastofthewolves can share 5 Trendy Wigs to her loyal fans. Thank you for your endless suport, you guys are awesome. We’ll keep doing our best and please stay tuned with us for more to come in the near future.😘❤️

UniWigs 2016 Top Social Star Vote 02
UniWigs 2016 Top Social Star Vote 02

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Years ago, UniWigs started from a home-based hair factory. Within two decades we have seen a magnificent growth of the business, and we are glad that our products are continuing to spread joy and happiness in the lives of our customers .


From day one our goal has always been– To inspire every woman in finding their uniqueness and confidence. We don’t just make and sell women wigs, we help create new memories. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a picture of a customer in our wig, or a video showing how great it looks when they put it on. Our primary goal is our customers’ satisfaction.


Uniqueness, it is our hard-core value. And that’s why at UniWigs, a custom order is always available, designed just for you. Color, length, style, material…you name it, we’re here for you.


Confidence, is what we inspire and UniWigs is ready to help. Being in the industry for such a long time, we truly understand the suffering and struggling from hair loss. Don’t be afraid anymore, put on a wig, go outside and enjoy your life.


Our product
Quality control is our paramount. Every detail is carefully monitored from master designs, meticulous craftsmanship, extensive inspections, prompt delivery……We make sure every step meets our highest standard.

Our service
UniWigs customer service is always available to you. Instead of automated answering systems, a customer service specialist is just a phone call away; or simply leave a message online or email us. You will always receive a reply within 24 hours, guaranteed.

UniWigs Chronological Event Timeline
1984 UniWigs Established, with only 5 handcrafters producing medical wigs for people in needs.
1989 UniWigs sales reach $20,000.
1990 UniWigs starts cooperating with Asian factories, allowing the production of affordable wigs.
1995 UniWigs trendy wigs hit the market and start drawing attention from young women in the fashion scenes.
2005 UniWigs sales hits $100,000.
2012 UniWigs Dot Com grand opening, UniWigs enters a fresh new era.
2014 UniWigs high-end collection LaVivid launched in Los Angeles, California. Our first collection made in collaboration with famous hairstyle designer, Albeir Awad.

25% OFF: Fall in Love with Uniwigs Autumn Sale

2016 Autumn Sale
2016 Autumn Sale

Here we just want to high recommend two of the new arrival and hot sale human hair wigs from Uniwigs.com. One of them is the bob style in the picture and another is a long straight full lace wigs below:


Uniwigs full lace wigs are made with top quality remy human hair which is long lasting and more durable. 100% hand-tied lace cap construction has the natural appearance of scalp wherever the hair is seperated, and imitates most sucessfully the natural movement of real hair. They are virtually undetectable and can be worn in a variety of styles including a high ponytail or updo.

1. The hair length should be measured from the hair root to the hair bottom when the hair is straight. The curly and wavy wigs developed from straight wigs, so for the same length, a curly or wavy wig will be shorter by 1″-2″ than a straight wig.

*It varies depending on how deep the curl is.

2. You can re-style the wig just like regular hair, part it anywhere you like. We highly recommend having your wig customized by a salon professional to achieve your desired look as human hair can be easily trimmed and styled.

3. Jet Black is not recommended to lighten or lift color from this hair. If you must color the hair , we recommend a lighter color and using semi permanent color only.

4. The full lace is a delicate material and should be handled with care.


How to make customers feel better — UniWigs Complaints

We have seen so many Uniwigs review and customer shows, even some complaints. Here I just want to say that every store have customer complaints and this is not the most important things, the most important is how we treat them, how make our complaining customers feel better and how to avoid the same thing happen again.

Hailey Bob Style Lace Wig
Hailey Bob Style Lace Wig

“Honestly, I feel like this is one of my best wigs. This is such a good human hair. It looks so good. Like it looks so natural.”-vera


“This is a really cute wig. I bought this wig because I’m transitioning to natural and I needed something convenient. It is a lot of hair but this is a plus if you want big hair. I brought the wig to a salon so a professional could cut some of the wig. The style is still big but it’s really cute. I was really nervous about this wig since it is my first wig and it’s definitely noticeable. I’ve been wearing this wig for a week and I have received daily compliments. In my opinion, it doesn’t look or feel like a wig. This wig by Uniwigs is so natural looking. I’m so glad I made this purchase.”–Chiris

Save More than $80 on LS0011: Uniwigs Weekly Deal

Yaki Straight Remy Human Hair Full Lace Wig
Yaki Straight Remy Human Hair Full Lace Wig

Don’t doubt your eyes! This time you can save more than $80 on LS0011 with the code “WD30“. This Yaki Straight Remy Human Hair Full Lace Wig also can come with lace front and glueless full lace caps. Also, if you don’t like the nature black color, Auburn and dark brown also can be chosen too. Find more details by click the wig name I gave you above.

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Uniwigs Weekly Deal Season is Beginning!


Big Discount Season from Uniwigs is beginning Now! 2016 Uniwigs Weekly Deal is start from SL0021. 30% OFF is promised for a week with the coupon code “WD30“. If you want a 100 human hair wig, you should not miss this good chance. Or if you don’t like this “Straight Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig“, never mind, our weekly deal will last until the end of 2016, so you can find one wig you loved and wait for the Weekly Deal coming, or you can emails to (SUPPORT@UNIWIGS.COM) tell us which one you want to be the next weekly deal!

Technique of Attachment Wigs – Uniwigs Help Center

Do I need a wig cap and how do I clean it?
If you wear a wig cap under your wig in order to contain your hair or attach your wig more securely, then you will want to keep it clean. Since the wig doesn¹t really touch your head and the cap does; you can keep things fresh by cleaning the wig cap with a drop of soap or shampoo and cold water. Just squish it around by hand and hang out to dry overnight.

Can I use heat on my wigs like a blow dryer or curling iron?
On 100 human hair wigs, you can use light heat for gentle styling and maintenance.

Can I use hairspray on my wigs?
With a gentle touch this wig will maintain its style for quite a while depending on your use and the style that you have. Try and avoid heavy lacquered based sprays as they will leave residue and weigh the wig down.

How do I clean the lace?
Clean lace is important to the look of the wig as stated above so keeping it tidy is essential. This is done with gauze pads and alcohol. Lay the wig on its back off the block, place the gauze pad behind the lace and taking another gauze pad dab gently at the lace changing the pad underneath the lace as it becomes soiled from the makeup residue. Always use gauze not cotton pads if possible as they will leave behind bits of fuzz.

uniwigs customer show
uniwigs customer show

Do I need to powder or put make-up over the lace when I wear it?
Not really, the delicate nature of the lace is what makes it invisible. The cleaner the lace; the more invisible it is. No one else will know this is a wig except you. However, many people are self conscientious and therefore a light powder foundation can be applied but is not necessary.

Should I pin the lace or the wig down on the block?
Not unless you are styling it and when you do this be careful to avoid the human hair lace front wig and remember only use very small dressmaker pins so as not to damage the wig.

Should I cut the lace?
The shorter the lace the shorter the life span of the wig. With good application when applying the lace to your forehead the lace simply disappears creating an illusion of hair growing directly from the scalp. When you receive your wig and you find that the lace is too long, lets say touching your eyebrow, then of course we recommend trimming it slightly but cut on the curve as you do not want to disrupt the cross tension which ensures a proper fit.

How should I store my wigs?
The best place for a wig to live is on a wig block , Styrofoam head, wig box or even a clean clear plastic bag. This will insure that it is not being crushed or flattened in any way.

uniwigs customer show
uniwigs customer show

What if the solvent gets in my eyes?
If you should happen to get any solvent in your eyes; flush quickly with water.

What is the best way to remove any remaining residue still in the base and hair?
Apply shampoo to the wet unit. Allow shampoo time to work. Do not rub the hair, gently squish back and forth in the water. Rinse out the shampoo using warm water, using a sink sprayer, from the hair side of lace front. When done; shake out the lace front. Let it dry out at room temperature while secured to a wig block or head bloc, Styrofoam mannequin or towel.

What to do after cleaning the residue from your lace front so new adhesive or toupee tape sticks correctly again?
Some removers, solvents, and alcohol are oil based and after using will leave a residue. Simply by washing the areas where they were used with shampoo and water will allow adhesive or toupee tape to stick correctly again! The unit must be dry before applying adhesive or toupee tape.

What to do when a adhesive or toupee tape residue in embedded into the lace or when it remains on the polyurethane base?
You should gently remove any remaining adhesive or toupee tape residue with adhesive remover, solvent, or alcohol. Be patient and give the solvent time to soften the residue. Using a lint free rag or microfiber towels work well when cleaning away residue.

How to avoid pulling hair out of your lace front when removing it?
You must completely release the adhesive or tape from bonding to your scalp before attempting to remove your piece. This helps, but may not eliminate this problem completely.

Where is the best place to start releasing your lace front human hair wigs when removing it?
Starting at the front left or right temple; peel up the edge and remove it like you would a large bandage.

uniwigs customer show
uniwigs customer show

How do I remove adhesive when it stays on my scalp/ forehead after removing my lace front?
The adhesive may easily be cleaned from your scalp after the lace front is removed using a adhesive remover, solvent, or alcohol.

How to remove toupee tape from a polyurethane lace front wig base?
Start by slowly peeling the lace front from your head. When using an extended wear bonding toupee tape; first spray or drip adhesive remover, solvent, or alcohol between your scalp and the tape to make it more easy to remove.

How to remove a lace front hairpiece without damaging it?
Always proceed gently when removing wigs. Using a adhesive remover, dab or spray at the area from the hair side of the lace front where the adhesive/ tape was placed. Wait for a minute for the adhesive/tape to soften. After a minute gently pull away from the skin slowly and carefully. Always clean your pieces before re-applying by placing on a paper towel and dabbing at the adhesive/tape to dissolve the glue. Never use anything but approved cleansers for this process.

Can I wash and set my wig myself?
Absolutely, this is your wig, style as you would your own hair. Some hairstyles will actually last longer on your wig such as curls using setting lotion.

Find more help tips from herehttp://www.uniwigs.com/content/category/2-help-center

Uniwigs Clearance Sale 2016

Hello gorgeous! Have been online for more than 4 years, Uniwigs first time offered this wide-site big sale thanks for the likes and support from all the customers. Let’s tell you the details in several pictures. You can just click the picture below to see more details.

Uniwigs clearance sale
Uniwigs clearance sale
Uniwigs Short Synthetic Wigs
Uniwigs Short Synthetic Wigs
Uniwigs Human Hair Lace Wigs
Uniwigs Human Hair Lace Wigs

Further Reading: Use the code in the picture to buy a wig you like, it can help you save much more! For more fashion wigs coupon codes click: ombre wigs

Lace Closure Vs Lace Frontal

What is the difference between the two??

The big difference in lace frontal and closure is the construction, the materials used, and how they are applied. In GENERAL a closure piece is usually used for sew in installs/applications. Some vendors also construct closures from lace similar to or slightly heavier than a lace frontal. A few vendors use a combination of stretch lace and flesh colored French silk to create a breathable closure which looks like natural skin. While not nearly as popular these days, some vendors continue to manufacture and sell non breathable closures.

In GENERAL a lace frontal is meant to be bonded in place. Like a lace front wig, a lace frontal piece has a realistic hairline which is meant to mimic hair growing from the scalp. When bonded along the hairline correctly, they achieve just this affect. Lace frontal cover a larger area than closure as they will have a temple to temple hairline. This larger temple to temple area in combination with the replication of a natural hairline allows for many off the face type of hairstyles that are not possible with a regular closure. Just like its full sized lace front wig counterparts, a frontal will require the sealing of the knots to help keep the hair secured firmly in the cap.

Yaki Straight 8-20
Yaki Straight 8-20″ Free Part/Middle Part/Three Part Remy Human Hair Top Closure

So, how to choose from them? I don’t know others, but in Uniwigs.com, you can find them all in one links: http://www.uniwigs.com/tag/lace-closure. No matter you want a free part, middle part or three part remy human hair lace closure, you can always find a perfect one for the natural hairline. If you are looking for a lace frontal, don’t mistake, in our online shop, all of them are named as “xxx lace closure”, they are just what you are looking for. If you have any questions, ask for our online customer service.

Further Reading:
What is a silk closure?
A Silk Base Lace Front Closure is a closure piece that is worn usually with a weave to give a natural looking hair line. The Silk Base material creates a scalp for this closures and therefore can be parted and styled in any matter.
What is a silk base closures?
Silk Base Lace Front Closure is a Closure that is worn with a weave to give a natural looking hairline the Silk Base material creates a scalp for this closure, and therefore can be parted and styled in any manner.
What is a V-Part Closure?
What is 3 part lace closure?

Loose Wave Free Part/Middle Part/Three Part Brazilian Remy Human Hair Lace Closure
Loose Wave Free Part/Middle Part/Three Part Brazilian Remy Human Hair Lace Closure

I will tell you more letter, or you can search on Google for the answers, but first of all, I want to recommend you the top 3 hot sale lace closure wigs from Uniwigs, click the photos I offered in this post to see why so many women love them. And then you can feel free to tell me your feelings about the wigs and even Uniwigs online store.

5 tips to avoid tangling and shedding for Lace Wigs

Earlier days Uniwigs launched a new collection wigs – Luxury Collection.

This collection make a much higher wigs. Its strongest point is its advantages: Superior Lace Wig. More thicker, More Silky, Long using life, Less short hair. It is the best choice to enjoy a new hairstyle.


But it is still different from natural hair. It is important to take good care of a wig to extend its lifespan and maintain an attractive appearance. Here are 5 tips that may be helpful to avoid tangling and shedding.

  1. NEVER sleep on wet hair; your hair must be completely dry before going to sleep. Or it will cause hair to be very matted and knots will getting looser. Also do not comb or brush the wet wig. Style the wig when it is dry.
  2. Don’t soak the hand-tied human hair wigs for a long time since it will damage the knots in the wigs. When you wash the wig, please treat it very carefully just like your own hair.
  3. Choose a slightly acidic shampoo, use hair conditioner and wash in mild water. It can keep tha hair silky.
  4. Refrain from pulling the comb forcefully through the tangles. Pulling will not only pull the hair off of the “tracks” of the wig but the pulling. Spray your wig with a light oil sheen to restore luster that was lost while getting rid of the tangles.
  5. Please store your wig on a wig stand or mannequin head in a cool, dry location avoiding extreme temperatures, mold and dust, which will help maintain the shape, cleanliness and style of your wig.

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Also you can use coupon: VE10, get 10% OFF