UniWigs Trendy New Arrival in June, 2017

You are the driving force and inspiration of Trendy wigs. Your vote counts! Write down why you want your favorite wig made and The 3 most creative responses will win total THREE wigs.The deadline of public voting is June 14, 2017.

uniwigs trendy new arrival
uniwigs trendy new arrival
how to join
how to join

See how girls said at present:

“la:My favourite is #2. It reminds me of a mystical moonlit night. It’s the perfect colour, and I tried dying my hair that exact colour but it never came out how I wanted. It’s just exactly the colour I need.”

“#1 is in my favorite color & reminds me of fairies. It’s so pretty!! But it’s in a versatile style, so it could look either sweet or edgy depending on what you want. I’d call it something like Celestial Fae!!”

“hez:#2 this wig will be perfect for a elf look, the wig look magical and i like it a lot!! Is so cute and beautifull, really i hope i could have one in the future”

“number 2!!!! I need that one its like mystic moonlight!!”

“#2 Just like me Uniquniess , Nerve, and Talent. Such a amazing wig”

“#1 is bomb. It’s edgy and stylish and perfect to wear with a (faux) leather jacket”

“:#1 reminds me of Chloe Price (Life Is Strange), a reckless girl living in her own “grunge”-world. Such a perfect ombre, such a wonderful shade of blue. I’d call this wig “A rave warning”. Shaka Brah!”

Don’t wait, just join them, vote a wig you want and decide which one is the new arrival on June, 2017.

2017 Summer Hairstyle Ideas from UniWigs

Here we are, make a 2017 summer hairstyle list for girls who want be chic on summer. Stylish bob maybe your first choice for hot summer, DYE it to red will be very hot, just like Olaj Arel did. Or if you want fresh fashion waves, you should have a look at LS0001 which comes with body wave remy human hair and glueless full lace cap can be chosen too.

summer hairstyle Ideas
summer hairstyle Ideas

If you want a cool blonde hair, you can save money with Elena10 for 10% OFF for any wigs in UniWigs.com. Or if you want natural curly wigs, LS0028 maybe a good choice. You can decide the length you want and 6 colors can be chosen. 100% hand-tied lace cap construction has the natural appearance of scalp wherever the hair is seperated, and imitates most sucessfully the natural movement of real hair.

2 New Curly Toppers!!! by June Penny ft. UNIWIGS.COM

UniWigs has new arrival wigs and hair pieces every month, what we want to do is produce and update every single piece for women who need wigs and hairpieces, for girls who love fashion want to be the fashion leader in the world. We will try our best to offer the chic and high quality wigs for our customers. You may have saw we updated new design trendy wigs many times, on this blog, our website and even on our official Instagram @uniwigs, today, it’s the turn of hair toppers.

June Penny shared 2 of the new arrival curly toppers in the video, if you want to see more, check here: http://www.uniwigs.com/tag/hair-pieces-New-Arrivals

UniWigs Mother’s Day Sale: 15% OFF All Website

mother's day 2017
mother’s day 2017

First I want to say: Happy Mother’s Day! We special offer 15% OFF for all dear Moms all over the world. No matter you want wigs, pieces including closure lace, hair toppers or human hair bundles, you can find them all in our website UniWigs.com.

uniwigs mother's day
uniwigs mother’s day

Also for women who suffer for thin hair, LaVivid collection will be your best choice. Just remember to use the code “happymom15” to get a cheaper uniwigs.

Trendy Wigs New Arrival is Coming Soon Next Week

Take a journey through beautiful moss lined cliffs, steeped high along the ocean in a neighborhood native to our favorite stars- Breath the crisp air and feel the fog of the morning hug your shoulders while watching the sun rise along the crest of the hills.
This is the inspiration of our newest addition to the Trendy Wigs Collection: Pacific Palisades. Purple haze blended with earthy undertones blending seamlessly into primrose yellow and a splash of turquoise… Capture the essence of life in the Palisades.

new arrival trendy wigs
new arrival trendy wigs

The warm sun kisses your face and you can feel the breeze of the ocean calling your name. Inviting sands pull you closer while walking along the shore as you taste the salt in the air with each passing wave. Join us at the beach with the Trendy Wigs Collection: Laguna Beach. Inspired by the deep royalty of the ocean pressed against the sands of high society. Rich blues blended with silver blonde highlights and warm sand blown tips. Fall in love with the ocean and stay to watch the moon dance along the surf… It’s time to join us.

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Uniwigs Veterans Day Sale


On the 11th day, in the 11th month—We humbly offer our gratitude and praise to those who serve in the highest capacity of national service, the men and women of the U.S. armed forces.

Add archive stock pictures of WWI women in combat (U.S. armed service photos) *make sure all photos used are U.S. military.

With great respect and honor to America’s Veterans, we’re offering 30% off every item in stock* with coupon code VET30. For Details Click Here: UniWigs.com

3 Types of Hand knotted Cap Construction || Lace VS Monofilament VS Silk Top

With so many wig options on the market today, it can be difficult to understand the different choices available. This video gives 3 visually detailed comparisons between Lace, Monofilament and Silk top wigs.

Lace Cap Construction
Our most traditional wig, its Designed to be comfortable and highly breathable.
The finished wig is a perfect companion that brings versatility to any situation.
Providing a natural part that’s easy to manage and flip whenever the situation calls.

Monofilament Cap Construction
UniWigs monofilament construction gives a natural look that’s combined with transparent skin tone base.
Each hair is carefully knotted in singles and pairs to ensure perfect symmetry and natural hairline.

Silk Top Cap Construction
Our Luxurious Silk tops offer a true to life skin toned scalp while maintaining all benefits of Lace and Mono construction.
Constructed by special artisans, the exquisite look perfectly blends form and fashion into a lifelike structure, making it hard to distinguish from your own skin.
Using a tri-layed system, each single hair is carefully knotted to create a full natural body from root to tip.

50% OFF – Uniwigs INS 100K Bonus Time!!!

uniwigs instagram sale
uniwigs instagram sale

YES! You read that right! 50% OFF for all the trendy wigs from Uniwigs!!! This big discount will only last for one day, so don’t miss this change to save your money with coupon codes INS50! Even hot sale pink wigs and ombre wigs are included. Find them all here: http://www.uniwigs.com/tag/INS-100K

Further Readinghttps://www.instagram.com/uniwigs/

Don’t Believe These Six Things When You Buy a Wig

Every woman should keep a wig. But if you are new to wigs, you should pay attention to the sellers’ words about the wigs. Many wigs sellers are tend to exaggerate their products. Therefore, you must sharpen your eyes to tell if their words are true or false. Here are six things you should be careful to believe.

Sunshine Synthetic Lace Front Wig
Sunshine Synthetic Lace Front Wig

1.When they say our wigs are all human hair wig,
This is always a good reason for their high price. It is true that human hair wig would be much higher than synthetic wig. But you should have the ability to judge if their words are true. In fact, it is not so hard. Expose a strand of hair to flame. If the hair is natural, it will immediately catch fire and burn nearly instantly, curling into a ball. It will also have a strong, somewhat unpleasant smell. Synthetic hair, on the other hand, will slowly melt rather than burn, and will have almost no smell.

2.When they say our wigs suits all the shapes of face,
If you are still keep sane, you should definitely know there is no one wig could suit every shapes of face. You need to try it on by yourself and see the answer clearly. If you want it online, you also should affirm its effect by others’ pictures. Buyers show could be a great help for your choice.

3.When they say our wigs is easily shape,
This is true, certainly. But, this is true to them, the sellers, who commit themselves to the wigs for many years, not for you, a newer to wigs. For you, it may be hard to shape, even it is a hair extension. So, you should ask them carefully how to shape this wig and try it there. Please buy it when you are sure you could shape it well.

4.When they say our wigs don’t need any special care,
They say so because in their eyes, wigs need care, but the care is just not special. When you know nothing about wigs, you should learn how to care the wigs you want. And you should know the deferent ways to care human hair and synthetic hair. When you are familiar with wigs, you also could say, yes, the wigs don’t need any special care.

5.When they say our wigs could be maintained for a long time,
Different wigs have different lifetime. It mainly depends on its material, as well as the way you care for it. So, you need to learn how to maintain your first wig.

6.When they say our wigs is and will be on fashion all the time,
It may be true. But you need to find the answer by yourself. You can catch up with the fashion if you want to, with the help of magazine and web. It would be helpful if you know some great wigs brand such like Uniwigs. Their new wigs are the proof of fashion. But you also need to choose the one best for yourself. What you need is the best for you, the unique for you. Not simple fashion.

A high-quality wig is very necessary for your daily life. Please polish you eyes and find the unique one for yourself.

Summer fresh short straight hair straightforward brilliance perfect bloom

Are you tired of the sweltering messy hair, you want to survive the scorching summer months in the summer to a fresh and neat short hair, pretty small short hair always gives people a refreshing feeling, but short hair does not necessarily perm wonderful, in fact, straight hair can be cut out fresh and charming sense of style. Today, uniwigs you enjoy the stars how to control refreshing short straight hair, which is certainly a let your heart. What are you waiting for? In this hot August, the selection of a suitable cool short hair, the younger outspoken glory bursting out.

uniwigs 10uniwigs 9