Why Should Ladies with Thin Hair Wear Hair Toppers?

We would like to list 5 important reasons to explain why ladies suffering from hair loss or thin hair problem should wear a hair topper.

1. Restore the Self-confidence. Hair does Matter. A fuller healthy hair can be an important judgemental symbol of the women personal beauty. For Many women, a bad hair day equals a bad day: when a woman’s hair is too dry, too frizzy, too thin,or falling out, her self-confidence can be seriously affected.


2. Increase the hair volume instantly. Most of hair toppers have been installed in pressure sensitive clips, which can be put onto the crown easily and quickly.

3. Rejuvenate to look 10 Years Younger. By wearing a hair topper, your hair can get extra volume to look thicker and fuller, which will bring you a younger appearance.

4. A great Alternative to a Full Wig. Lots of ladies suffering from Alopecia or thinning hair problem don’t like wearing a full wig due its weight and breathability. In that case, the hair topper can be a great alternative to a full wig. The hair topper is often referred to as a “Half Wig”, so you will see it is much lighter and more breathable, compared with a Full Wig.

upgrade-claire-remy-human-hair-topper 01
upgrade-claire-remy-human-hair-topper 01

5. Save time and money. Women are getting busier and busier because of their jobs and family issues. It seems that you don’t have enough time just for yourself, for example, go to the hair salon. Hair toppers can be a great solution for ladies who don’t have the time to get a root retouch in the hair salon. A Hair Topper will cover those annoying greys and extend the time between dye jobs, which can save a lots of time spent in the salon and help you get away from too many chemical services. And more importantly A great deal of Money is saved eventually!

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